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Oscorp Secret Laboratory[]

There are many Oscorp Secret Laboratories. Most of them are in the head quarters

of Oscorp-----------Oscorp Tower. In Oscorp Tower, the entrance to the laboratories

has a sign-------RESTRICTED ACCESS on it.

Oscorp elec labortary

One Oscorp Secret Labortory


Oscorp Secret Laboratories appeared many times. They mainly appeared in the background of the inside of Oscorp.In the movie, the

inside of the laboratory is revealed in Biocable Development Unit.

And it keeps high techs such as Otto Octavius's mechanical arms.


Plutonium 238: In The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game), a line up of Plutonium 238 is seen in the door

of one laboratory.


Special projects

Special Projects

Deleted suit

A robotic suit made by OSCORP