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The Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack is a downloadable content (DLC), or expansion pack, for the video game The Amazing Spider-Man. It allows players to access two new mini-games to be launched from -- and played on -- Spider-Man's Osphone.

The DLC was released on 25 September, 2012 in North America as a digital download on Steam and the PlayStation Store for $2.99 and on Xbox LIVE for 240 Microsoft points. It is scheduled to be released in Europe in later year.


Unlock the Oscorp Search & Destroy Pack! Gain exclusive access to two new mini-games featured on Spider-Man's in-game cellphone:

  • Destroy The City Mission: Destroy as many cars and traffic signs as possible in Manhattan before the time runs out.
  • Gwen's Hunter: Seek out and destroy as many robotic enemies as possible, and cure as many drones as you can before they defeat you!


  • The mini-games "Gwen's Hunter" and "Destroy the City Mission" are clear Spidey-themed remakes of the classic arcade games Galaga and Space Invaders, and Snake, respectively.
  • The addition of these two DLC mini-games, furthers the assumption that the Oscorp brand smartphone, the Osphone, is a definite nod at the real life iPhone, or Android smart phones.