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Oscorp Industries Snipers are a very secret Oscorp Industries Guard force, and are more akin to assassins than security.


These Snipers are the least well-known of Oscorp's Guards, but they want it that way. They are very trained and deadly snipers, ready to take out anyone - or anything - Oscorp wants gone. They are equipped with light Oscorp Guard Armor, but they aren't meant for defense. They hide in the shadows up above and snipe with their Oscorp-class Type 1 Sniper Rifles that come with a mounted laser sight.


Snipers aren't deployed into battle unless it's for very specific reasons, and very much pay. Their most recent job is to find and kill the masked "vigilante" Spider-Man; they hide from the public in groups on the roofs of tall buildings in Manhattan, waiting in hopes that Spider-Man will swing by so they can shoot him - they almost never miss their shots. However, they are easily taken out by Spidey, especially at night, with Spider-Man's stealth attack takedowns.