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"Welcome to Oscorp. Born from the mind of our founder, Norman Osborn, the Oscorp Tower houses 108 floors of innovation. Our scientific minds are pushing the lines of defense, biomedical and chemical technologies. The future lies within."

Oscorp Tower is the main building which Oscorp Industries operates from. It resides on the far side of Manhattan, sticking out, as the tallest skyscraper on the island. It stands at 300 W 57th Street, Midtown Manhattan.


The Oscorp tower's main structural support is one massive winding layer of murky green metal that surrounds the sides and back of the building and spirals up to a point protruding from the top left corner, on the right, it sports an extremely large "Oscorp" logo. The front section of the building that is not covered with metal is made up of countless windows behind a hexagon linked pattern (like that of a honeycomb). And it is 108 floors tall.



Oscorp Tower was built in 1931 by many hired architects under a contract held by Alton Osborn Sr., one of Norman Osborn's ancestors, who sold it to his business partner. It now houses many animal test subjects and is the current workplace for most of Oscorp's scientists. It has many areas, including former Head of Robotics Alistaire Smythe's robotic labs, living room areas, BioLabs, quarantine areas for emergencies, Cross-Species containment and research facilities and much more experimental areas within the building.

"Rodrigo Geuvara" 's Visit

The Oscorp tower is first introduced in the first film and grabbed Peter's attention when he discovered that his father Richard Parker worked there. So he found his way in the entrance to this spectacular building and in the hope of meeting his dad's lab partner Connors. Peter went in posing as Rodrigo Guevara's (an intern). He then joined a group of students having a tour being lead by Gwen Stacy. They met Dr. Connors who asked a question about research that he was working on to regrow his lost limb, Peter answered "Cross-Species genetics", which is transferring the genetics of a certain species into another. Peter later sneaked away from the tour to find out more about Oscorp, which led him to a restricted room known as the Biocable Developement Unit, he then started to make his way out of Oscorp only to bump into Gwen, who suspected him to be snooping in places he didn't belong - which was exactly what he was doing. Gwen walked away from Peter and it was then the spider bit him.

Rampage in Manhattan

Shortly after Rajit Ratha, a higher ranked employee told Connors that he would have to speed up the development of the "Lizard Serum" so that it could cure Norman Osborn (CEO) of his illness and if it weren't done by a week, he would be fired. So Connors started testing the three-legged mouse Fred with it to see if he would regrow his lost limb. Successfully the mouse regrew the fourth leg. Connors found this result outstanding and made him all the more sure that it would work on a human just as safely.

Connors (knowing that there would be no human volunteers) injected himself with it. His arm grew but the DNA of the lizard took over causing him to turn in to an enormous humanoid reptile that New York citizens called the "Lizard". He planned to distribute this citywide by dispersing a cloud of the serum from the top of the Oscorp tower by using the Genoli Device. Spider-Man and George Stacy came and stopped him.


Oscorp had rebuilt their roof after the Lizard incident. However, Oscorp had also been continuing Connors' research in secret, into cross-species genetics creating their own monsters. Peter discovered this when Gwen snuck him and herself into the restricted zone of Oscorp at the beginning of the game. They found different types of Cross-Species kept in captivity and being experimented on. The cross-species had included that of Rhino, Vermin, ScorpionNattie, and Iguana. They escaped and went unstable due to sensing another cross-species, Spider-Man.

In the breakout the monsters attacked scientists, infecting them with the Cross-Species Virus. This included Gwen and Alistair Smythe, Oscorp's head of robotics all of whom went and stayed in the quarantine room.

Spider-Man returned to the Oscorp tower with a cure developed by Curt Conners. Entering the quarantine room where the infected scientists were. He was in the middle of handing the cure to Gwen when Smythe snatched it off him and used it all on himself this failed to cure him and instead paralyzed his legs. He got mad at this and resulted in him reprogramming all the S-bots to hunt down Spider-Man. Spider-Man made it out alive and returned with a new and improved cure, he made his way in, dodging all Oscorp security, and he finally managed to successfully cure all the infected scientists and Gwen who had managed to reprogram the Hunter bots to protect them from the Sentry's.

Power Grid Accident

The Oscorp tower is first introduced when an electrical engineer named Max Dillon, arrives at work. He is bullied by the higher ranked employee Alistair Smythe and is left in the building after hours on his birthday to fix a loose cable. He stands on top of a high banister to reach and plugs the cables together which causes him to get electrocuted and fall from two stories into a vat containing electrically mutated eels which pass their mutations on to him.


Framing Harry

Later, Harry Osborn at a board meeting with executive employees discussing Oscorp's future after the death of CEO/founder Norman Osborn (Harry's father). Donald Menken is present and wishes to take it over for himself and does this by framing Harry for the death of employee Max Dillon which gets Harry fired.

Infiltration into Oscorp

Harry returns to Oscorp and enters Menken's office with Max who dubs himself "Electro". They threaten him and he resigns handing Oscorp back to Harry.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game)

In the second level of the game Spider-Man comes to the Oscorp tower (after hearing of a gang war there) and fights thugs on top of the tower, he then enters and finds a room with Russian mobsters who are interrogating an employee, Max Dillon, to the whereabouts of Oscorp's high-tech weapons. Spider-Man saves him and Max helps him by activating a lift for him to stick to that will bring him up to the floors where the gang war is occurring after stealthily taking out all the thugs he fights Shocker.


Concept art


  • The first time Oscorp's roof was destroyed, Oscorp designed the tower's roof with a more sleek design, that's why the Oscorp Tower looks different in the video game than it does in the first movie.
  • Oscorp Tower holds the record of the tallest building in Manhattan making it the highest point of Manhatten in the video game.
  • The Oscorp Tower was going to appear in Marvel Studios film: Avengers Assemble as a part of the New York City skyline, but by the time the design was completed, the Avenger's New York skyline had already been designed so the idea was dropped.
  • After the events of The Amazing Spider-Man (video game), Oscorp did nothing about the cross-species still loose in Manhattan. Three of them though (Iguana, Nattie, and Scorpion) were hunted by Kraven the Hunter. What happened to the other two is still unknown.