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The Osphone is a prototype phone product created by Oscorp Industries. Since, currently, it is only a prototype, it has not been released to the public from Oscorp. The only people to have tested it are various Oscorp employees and Peter Parker, who needed it as an emergency to talk to Gwen Stacy while she was in Oscorp's quarantine.


The Osphone has many features that the owner can use.

  • GPS - The Osphone's Global Positioning System helps its owners find coordinates to a certain destination or simply to view a map of the world (currently, only New York).
  • Calling/Messaging - The Osphone has the usual talk/text abilities, allowing its owners to freely call or text message others unlimitedly by way of SMS, MMS or TMS. This feature is very unique from other mobile phones' calling systems, as the player can answer an incoming call by just their voice. They wouldn't even have to touch the phone, and the caller will be on speaker phone in order for the reciever to hear them while they are doing anything else. The phone is supposed to recieve calls from all around the world, but its current state allows the owner to recieve calls from anywhere within the country. It also has a built in Oscorp number for any emergencies regarding the company or their phone. To top it off, the owner can do anything at all on the phone while also talking to anyone. For example, one may answer another's call while playing a game or searching for a location on the GPS.
  • Technology Upgrades - The phone has a unique ability to upgrade any nearby tech with the tap of a button. However, the amount of tech upgrades a time is limited; one must have acquired certain pieces of that tech and scan it with the phone's tech scanner to upgrade it.
  • Technology Scanner - The scanner is used to scan tech in order to find its origin and upgrade it in any way possible.
  • Audio Player - The phone comes with an audio player which can play various types of sounds downloaded from the Internet or the application store. In addition to this, the player can find the source of any unknown audio type and play it, making it different from other audio players.
  • Application Store - Stylized as the AppStore, this store allows the Osphone's owners to download any custom-made app appearing in the store. Certain apps are free, whilst others must be paid for by the owner.
  • Internet Browser - The Osphone has a fourth-generation Internet browser in which the player can browse anything and play any type of video or sound coming from the Internet without anything slowing down or stopping completely.
  • Owner Statistics - The phone is smart enough to track all of the owner's actions and turn them into stats. This can be useful to owners who want to check how many times they've done a certain thing, but also can be used for fun.
  • And many more - The phone's current development state restricts it from having an enormous amount of features. However, there are still many more that can be used and will be revealed once the Osphone is released from Oscorp.


  • Peter Parker uses many of the Osphone's features as Spider-Man to aid him in battle, such as; upgrading his Web-Shooters using the tech upgrade ability and finding any crime in Manhattan using the GPS. He also used his Spider-Tracers to track police frequencies to find the exact spot of violence in the area. His Osphone number is 555-9977, as revealed in Chapter 3 of The Amazing Spider-Man when he was asked for his number by Whitney Chang.
  • The Osphone is very similar to real life's iPhone, and president of Beenox, Dee Brown, said that is where they got most of their inspiration for the Osphone from.