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"Look, bad things are gonna happen. It makes us who we are. But good things happen too, y'know? Like you happened... like she happened."
―Peter B. Parker to Miles Morales[src]

Peter Benjamin "B." Parker[2] was once an ordinary teenager who was bitten by a radioactive spider and gained spider-like abilities. Following the death of his Uncle, Peter used his powers to protect the inhabitants of New York City as Spider-Man.


Early Life[]

Peter B. Parker was born in Queens, New York City and was raised by his uncle Ben and aunt May following the dead of his parents, Richard and Mary Parker. Shortly before his sixteen birthday, at fifteen years old, he was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him super-strength, durability, and the ability to stick to flat surfaces, and after losing his uncle, he donned a web-covered costume and wrist-mounted web-shooters and became the hero known as "Spider-Man".

Peter continued to fight crime as Spider-Man, but he began to loose many people on his life which led on him falling into a deep depression, gaining weight, becoming easily frustrated, and even ignoring Ben's lesson about responsibility as all his mistakes and regrets began to weigh him down with guilt and make him even more weary and tired of caring for everyone else.[3]

Meeting Miles Morales[]

One day, Parker was sucked into a portal that transported him across the multiverse to Earth-1610, as part of a super-collider experiment conducted by the Kingpin. Eventually, Peter would team up with Miles Morales/Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy/Spider-Woman, Peter Parker/Spider-Man Noir, Peni Parker/Sp//dr, and Peter Porker/Spider-Ham to defeat Kingpin and shut down the Super-Collider. [3][1]

Raising a Daughter[]

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Protecting the Multiverse[]

Peter B from poster

Peter B. as a father and a Spider-Man

Eventually, Peter was contacted by Miguel O'Hara, the Spider-Man of Earth-928B, who enlisted Peter into the Spider Society, a multiversal group of spider heroes Miguel assembled to protect the timelines in the Web of Life and Destiny and eliminate dimensional anomalies after Kingpin's collider rattled them all. Miguel had discovered that the radioactive spider that bit Miles to give him his powers had been transported to Earth-1610B from another dimension, Earth-42, disrupting Earth-42's timeline and making 1610B's Miles a dimensional anomaly, the first discovered by Miguel.

Using a special bracelet, Peter was able to travel the multiverse, but he was unable to visit Miles due to his status as an anomaly. Over time, the Spider Society was joined by other spider heroes, such as Jess Drew, Ben Reilly, and even some of Peter's old friends such as Gwen and Sp//dr. [1]

Reunion with Miles[]

Eventually, another anomaly, a human mutate with dimensional wormholes on his skin and a vendetta against Miles known as the Spot, was detected on Earth-1610B, and Gwen was sent to deal with it. However, he discovered how to travel the multiverse and escaped before she could get to him, leading her to chase him to Earth-50101B, where she was followed by Miles. The Spot supercharged himself on Earth-50101B, and raced back to his universe to kill Miles' family.

Gwen brought Miles to the Society's headquarters on Earth-928B, where he and Peter finally had their warm reunion. Miguel then stepped in and explained to Miles that the Spot was destined to murder his father, and that if Miles prevented it, it would destabilize his entire world and potentially cause the entire Web to unravel.

Chasing Miles Reluctantly[]

"This is bad parenting."
―Peter B. Parker to Mayday Parker[src]

Peter and Gwen tried to talk Miles into allowing his father to die, but Miguel's harsh approach alienated him and caused him to run, with the entire Spider Society chasing after him. Eventually, Miguel caught up with Miles and revealed the truth about Miles' status as the anomaly that caused all the trouble, and Miles lost faith in Peter and Gwen for keeping it from him.


Miles then escaped and used the Society's complex's "Go Home Machine" to transport himself back to his home dimension. Unfortunately, it scanned the spider DNA in him and sent him to Earth-42 instead. Realizing this, Gwen assembled a splinter group of spider heroes to work against the Spider Society, including Peter and Mayday, and rescue their friend.


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Powers and Abilities[]

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