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Photo missions are challenges in the game The Amazing Spider-Man; Spider-Man has to take pictures for news reporter Whitney Chang. Many of the photo missions involve current events and strange happenings across Manhattan. There are a total of ten photo missions.


Whitney Chang will ask for Spider-Man's help regarding suspicious activity across the city. Spider-Man must use his camera to search the area for subjects to photograph. Spider-Man should consult his e-mail for clues on what to look for.

List of photo missions[]

Friend or Foe[]

  • "Where are fans getting their goods?" – There is a newspaper stand that has been selling Spider-Man merchandise to fans, including comic books, foam fingers and masks.
  • "People rooting for you." – Near the Spidey stand, there will be a small crowd of people with Spider-Man masks and foam fingers that will be clapping and cheering for Spider-Man.
  • "I hear there's even a billboard of you now." – Behind the stand, high up on the side of a building will be an Oscorp Industries billboard with a giant, spray-painted spider symbol on it.

Pressing Matters[]

  • "Claw marks on the door." – This mission takes place atop the Daily Bugle building. There will be a door on the roof and on that door will be small groups of claw marks on and around the door.
  • "Footprints. Well, they kinda look like dog prints. From a BIG dog." – Leading up to the clawed door, there are five large, werewolf-like footprints.
  • "Shredded clothes are lying around." – On the letter D in "Daily" on the Daily Bugle's sign lies what looks to be a very torn, brown shirt.

Through the Hourglass[]

  • "Look for nearby police officers asking questions." – Near one of the quarantine zones in a park for the third photo mission, there will be two police officers - one male, one female – questioning a man in a blue Hazmat suit.
  • "Get me that sunken tent." – One of the tents in that area will look as if it was collapsed in.
  • "The little girl was sucked into the ground. Is there a hole left or something?" – Close to the sunken tent, there are small barricades blocking a giant quicksand hole.

Troubled Water[]

  • "The poltergeist came from the fire hydrant. It ripped it open." – Apparently, a ghost came into the world via a fire hydrant. On its way, it ripped it open, causing water to spew out all over the sidewalk and the street. It is near the handprint.
  • "There's a handprint left on the ground. People say you can't miss it. It's huge!" – On the corner of a fourway in the street, there is a giant, watered handprint on the ground.
  • "A manhole lid was somehow thrown hard enough to encase it in a wall." – There is a sewer lid stuck in the corner of a nearby building.

Infectious Migration[]

  • "Get a shot of the 'lunch box' it got." – Some creature captured a hot dog stand and ate everything out of it. It rests atop a tall building near the fifth mission area.
  • "And that nest, too!" – There is some type of giant bird's nest near the ruined hot dog stand.
  • "As for the goo... picture only. No sample, please." – By the stand and nest, there will be strange, green goo on the roof's floor. This goo can be seen multiple times during the cross-species infection.

Life Line[]

  • "Show people waiting in lines. It might prepare some to better accept the wait." – In order for New Yorkers to get treated for the cross-species virus, they had to get themselves to quarantine. However, many were infected, so there were long lines.
  • "Some of them are so sick they can't even stand!" – In front of one of the quarantine tents, there are two people that are sitting on the ground, coughing. They are fenced in and there is also another man standing with them.
  • "Needless to say, they reinforced the security. There's a lot of unrest out there." – There are two police officers standing in front of a police car, guarding the quarantine area.

Spoiled Feast[]

  • "I don't know if he took his time, but there's a bench there that suggests he wasn't in any hurry." – Under a bench in a small park near the seventh mission area, there are strange markings on the ground, and water is forming on top of it.
  • "I guess phone booths can't hide that he's one with powers. I think you'll agree on that one." – Near the bench, there is a blue phone booth with the same markings and water formations under it.
  • "He left some kind of signature. Take a shot of that, too, please." – On a building's wall near the first two photo challenges, there is a white message that reads, "I was never born so I am ever living!".

Infectious Overflow[]

  • "How sick people are? Do your worst." – In Central Park, on stairs near a fountain, there is a man bent over on the ground coughing.
  • "I want a shot of that fountain!" – The fountan which stairs the man is coughing on is spewing out not water, but a strange, green liquid.
  • "Finish it with a glimpse of hope, please." – Around the area of the fountain, in a quarantine area, are two men hugging - one a sick patient and one in a Hazmat suit.

Cat Burglar[]

  • "Based on a paw stamp the burglar's left, it seems he likes cats." – After Spider-Man's brief visit with her at the Beloit Psychiatric Hospital, Felicia Hardy has successfully broken into and out of Christina's, a jewelry store, and left a paw print on the store's sign. However, police have no idea who the burglar was, so they suspect she is male.
  • "Claw markings go up the wall." – Going up the wall from Christina's are strange claw markings, not similar to the ones on the Daily Bugle's door. These go all the way up to a ledge, suggesting that the burglar climbed up. However, there is also a grappling hook rope that goes up to the same ledge, suggesting that the burglar used both her (his, according to police) claws and hook.
  • "There's a note in there addressed directly to you." – On a wall on the ledge that the claws and grappling hook's rope lead up to, there is a piece of paper stuck to the wall that reads, "You missed me Spider-Man". It is signed with a lipstick mark and a paw print, reassuring police that the burglar is female.

Vigil for the Fallen[]

  • "Medics came out of their Hazmat suits, it seems." – By the fenced quarantine area, there are blue Hazmat suits lying on boxes.
  • "And the citizens put them on a pedestal." – There are citizens standing atop and around a city bus.
  • "There's also a party going on near a police car!" – Citizens wearing the same merchandise seen in the first photo mission are standing atop and around a police car.


  • Many of these missions reference other Spider-Man media villains, such as Man-Wolf in the second mission. The reason it's Man-Wolf's markings, footprints and shirt on the Daily Bugle's roof is because Man-Wolf's identity is John Jameson in the comics, the son of J. Jonah Jameson, chief editor of the Bugle. However, in the Amazing universe, it is unknown if Jameson's son is Man-Wolf, or if he even has a son and that the markings were something else.
  • It is believed that the mission Infectious Migration references The Vulture (Adrian Toomes), because he is the only Spider-Man villain that is capable of flight and based off of an animal, hence being a Human-Vulture cross-species.
  • It is believed the mission Troubled Water references Hydro Man (Morris Bench), but it is questionable since Hydro Man's origin does not include him being a lab experiment. Nor animal-based powers, meaning he would not be considered a cross-species.
  • It is believed the mission Through The Hourglass references Sandman (Flint Marko), because of the landslide of sand that brought the missing little girl (probably Marko's daughter) to a hospital. Sandman is the only possible character to be referenced in this mission.
  • It is believed the mission Spoiled Feast references Mr. Negative (Martin Li) who runs the Food, Emergency Aid Shelter, Training (FEAST) homeless shelter, along with May Parker, for a time.  Li is also a crime boss stationed in the New York City Chinatown.