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Dr. Rajit Ratha (March 13, 1967–November 2013)[1] was a scientist and colleague of Dr. Curt Connors. He is portrayed by Irrfan Khan in The Amazing Spider-Man. Spider-Man saves Rajit Ratha from Curt Connors when he becomes the Lizard. Spider-Man holds his car from the bridge, saving him. After that incident, Rajit Ratha is never seen or mentioned again, though the video game sequel of the movie mentions that he was killed by the Lizard.


  • Ratha appears in a deleted scene with Peter in Conners' underground lab, and is killed by the Lizard when he bit his head off. The portion of the film was cut due to unknown reasons.
  • Many fans have speculated Ratha to be a secret antagonist for wanting Connors to commence human trials on their cure for Norman Osborn, although he was simply going to great lengths to cure his employer and had no intentions of evil.
  • Rajit Ratha knew Richard Parker as well.
  • The character was originally named Nels Van Adder, who in the comics was the first recipient of the goblin formula and became the Proto-Goblin. The character's name was changed following Irrfan Khan's casting.