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The Ravencroft Institute for the Criminally Insane, often referred to as Ravencroft InstituteRavencroft Asylum or simply Ravencroft, is a location featured in the film The Amazing Spider-Man 2. The location is a huge asylum built to imprison insane villains. The Asylum's head is Dr. Kafka who personally treated some of the patients housed inside, like Maxwell Dillon.


Currently, not much is known about the institute other than the fact that it houses criminals and has its own soldier format.

Known staff[1][]


  • RAdm. Wendi B. Carpenter (rear admiral, head)


  • Dr. Kafka, deceased (doctor, founder)
  • Dr. Thomas Warren, deceased (doctor, sergeant)
  • Cdr. R. L. Pythian, deceased (commander)
  • Capt. Henry Erben, deceased (captain)
  • Cdr. E. M. Shepard, deceased (commander)
  • Cdr. A. S. Crowninshield, deceased (commander)
  • Cdr. John McGowan, deceased (commander
  • Lt. Cdr. W. L. Field, deceased (lieutenant commander)
  • Lt. Cdr. W. H. Reeder, deceased (lieutenant commander)
  • Capt. Howard Patterson, deceased (captain)
  • Cdr. W. H. Reeder, deceased (commander)
  • Cdr. A. V. Wadhams, deceased (commander)
  • Cdr. G. C. Hanus, retired (commander)
  • Lt. Cdr. L. H. Everhart, retired (lieutenant commander)
  • Capt. H. M. Dombaugh, retired (captain)
  • Cdr. E. H. Tillman, retired (commander)
  • Lt. Cdr. J. R. Driggs, deceased (lieutenant commander)
  • Lt. Cdr. F. S. McMurray, deceased (lieutenant commander)
  • Lt. Cdr. Felix Riesenberg, deceased (lieutenant commander)
  • Lt. Cdr. T. W. Sheridan, retired (lieutenant commander)
  • Lt. Cdr. J. S. Baylis, deceased (lieutenant commander)
  • Cdr. E. V. W. Keen, retired (commander)
  • VAdm. H. F. Leary, retired (vice admiral)
  • VAdm. C. T. Durgin, retired (vice admiral)
  • VAdm. H. C. Moore, retired (vice admiral)
  • RAdm. E. J. O'Donnell, retired (rear admiral)
  • RAdm. S. H. Kinney, retired (rear admiral)
  • RAdm. F. H. Miller, retired (rear admiral)
  • RAdm. David C. Brown, retired (rear admiral)
  • VAdm. John W. Craine, retired (vice admiral)
  • VAdm. John R. Ryan, retired (vice admiral)
  • Alfred F. Oliver, deceased (doctor)
  • James J. McNamara, deceased (doctor)
  • William E. Ryan, deceased (doctor)
  • Richard Patterson, deceased (psychiatric doctor)
  • D. Poland (medical doctor)



  • Miles Warren is a fictional character in other Spider-Man media, with an alias known as the villain "Jackal;" he was once imprisoned in the media's Ravencroft. Interestingly, Thomas Warren shares the same surname and also has connections with the institute.
  • The character H. Leary shares the same surname of the actor portraying Gwen Stacy's father, Captain George Stacy of the NYPD.
  • The fictional Jonathan Crane, also known as the Scarecrow in DC Comics, bears a similar name to Vice Admiral John Craine. Additionally, they both have connections to an institute in their universe (Craine to Ravencroft and Crane to the Arkham Asylum, albeit being an inmate).



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