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Rhys Ifans, born Rhys Owain Evans, portrayed Curt Connors/Lizard in The Amazing Spider-Man.

Behind the scenes[]

  • Ifans commented on the technology that was used to animate his character as the Lizard, saying that "I had a green suit on, and then, this cardboard head, and these big claws... each and every time you see the Lizard, the technology is so advanced now, that, when the Lizard's eyes move, they're my eyes. If I frown or show any emotions, they're my emotions. That's how spectacularly advanced technology is." Ifans even agreed to voice the character while transformed, as well as explaining, "I'm sure the voice will be toyed with in the eventual edits, but, when I was shooting the CGI moments, when I wasn't actually human, when I was the Lizard, I looked like a crash-test dummy in a leotard thing. There were many moments where I had to speak to Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone as the Lizard."


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