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"I forgot all about that thing, it was your dad's, he asked us to keep it safe for him" "Why?" "Your father was a very secret man" (Uncle Ben& Aunt May to Peter). Richard Parker's briefcase appears in The Amazing Spider-Man and is the only item he left for Peter before he died, therefore being the only thing Peter has to learn about who his father really was.


Peter first discovered his father's briefcase when there was a flood in the cellar of the Parker household and Peter was asked by Uncle Ben to check if there was anything worth saving. A few seconds later Peter stumbled across a briefcase he recognized as his father's with his initials "RP" embroidered on it. He took it upstairs where Ben & May were arguing in the kitchen where they instantly paused at the sight of the object. Ben explained to Peter that it was because of this briefcase his parents met, his mother sold it to his father.


Here is a list of the things that Peter found within the suitcase:

  • Cut out newspaper photo of Richard Parker and Curt Connors.
  • Three coins
  • Calculator & stationary
  • Richard's Oscorp ID
  • Glasses & case

After looking at all these items Peter double checked the bag to see if there was anything he missed only to discover a secret pocket in it containing a top secret Oscorp file named "Decay Rata Algorithm" with a logo of two circles next to each other with diagonal lines through them. After looking at all the belongings Peter