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The S-02.

The S-02 is the second powerful robot in the line of major Spider-Slayers created by Alistaire Smythe and his crew of Oscorp Industries technicians. The massive robot is bigger, meaner, and deadlier than its predecessor, the S-02 looks like a giant snake. It appears in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man as a major boss.


Initially designed by Oscorp Industries to collect all cross-species in a more efficient way than the S-01, the S-02 was reprogrammed with one purpose: slay Spider-Man. Spider-Man encountered the S-02 after escaping from Oscorp. Curt Connors' first-drafted cure had paralyzed Alistaire Smythe, causing him to send the S-02 after Spider-Man (after knowing that he and Spidey were working together). After the web-slinger and the giant robot dueled (which caused tons of damage and nearly killing TV reporter Whitney Chang, who was rescued by Spider-Man once again), the two battled atop Oscorp Tower (with Spider-Man's déjà vu rising) with the hero finally defeating the robotic monster by jamming a radio antenna through its mouth, destroying it.


The S-02 can burrow into the ground and propel itself at high speed to reach its prey, with a bit of collateral damage along the way.