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The S-Bots, later known as "Spider-Slayers" before their discontinuing, were very lethal robots featured in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.


After Oscorp Industries promoted Doctor Alistaire Smythe to be head of the company's robotics facility, Smythe rounded up a team of intelligent inventors and designers to create S-Bots to stop the monstrous cross-species terrorizing Manhattan at the time. Since the bots' main objectives were to destroy all cross-species, they would have to eliminate the masked hero Spider-Man as well, who was also trying to defeat the species.

Smythe sent out a wave of robots of all shapes and sizes in the city, which were also terrorizing New Yorkers. Spider-Man now had to deal with stopping Smythe, his robots and the cross-species. But Smythe's main target now was Spider-Man, so he started calling his creations "Spider-Slayers". Spider-Man had eventually stopped all three, but the cross-species virus that was previously going around had already infected Smythe, who was almost (by that time) a full cross-species himself. Because of this, Smythe committed suicide with one of his own prototype robots.

As of now, Oscorp has discontinued the line of S-Bots and Spider-Slayers, and do not have any plans of making anymore.

Known S-Bot types[]