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Seekers were a type of S-Bot constructed by Alistaire Smythe and his crew at Oscorp Industries' robotics lab. They are very minor and easily defeated antagonists appearing in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.


These robots are reconnaissance scouts that scan for cross-species. When they find one, they'll call in a bigger, deadlier S-Bot known as the Hunter to the scene.


  • There is one broken (but still functioning) Seeker sitting atop a stand in one of the game's secret Oscorp research labs. If the player never managed to photograph one during the story, they can replay the level and take a picture for the enemy photo gallery.
  • When Spider-Man is tracking down the Vermin in the sewers in the video game, a Seeker arrives and tries to prepare him for elimination, only for him to mimic a scene from the film in which he fakes begging for mercy, and then easily defeats the enemy.