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Sentries are a collection of Oscorp Industries' S-Bot that are designed to track down and terminate cross-species life. The bots appear in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man and come in three different forms: Medical, Combat and Advanced Combat.


Medical Sentry[]

These are medical robots created by Oscorp to protect and heal people in dangerous environments. During the outbreak at Oscorp Tower, these sentries were the first responders to begin quarantine. Despite their name and primary use, the robots can also fight.

Combat Sentry[]

If the Medical Sentries are here to help, the Combat Sentries are here to kill. These little guys are mini-war machines that use lasers at long range and have force fields to protect them at close range.

Advanced Combat Sentry[]

These are the insane, kamikaze versions of the Combat Sentries; the sentries will attempt to attach themselves to their target, then electrocute their prey to death. If the target remains alive, they'll use self-destruct to take it down. In short, these S-Bots will do just about anything they can to defeat what they must.