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Sheila is a girl who was riding the subway.


Sheila was riding on a subway with Rudy and her friends. Seeing Peter Parker asleep on the seat, Rudy tried to balance a bottle on his head. When a drip of condensation hit Peter's flesh his spider-sense reacted and he leapt out of danger sending the bottle of beer flying and covering Sheila's top with the contents of the bottle.

Peter tried to apologise, putting a hand on Sheila's shoulder but sticks to it. Rudy told him to take his hand off of Sheila but Peter couldn't so Rudy shoved him causing Peter to tear her top off, leaving her in just her bra.

Sheila then watched in fear as Peter proceeded to fight and defeat the group of male passengers angered by his unintentional actions.


  • Sheila in the end credits was listed as "Sheila (Subway)".