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The Sinister Six was a planned supervillain team to be founded by Harry Osborn and Gustav Fiers, which is hinted towards at the end of The Amazing Spider-Man 2, with the express purposes of both killing Spider-Man and an unspecified bout of conquest. The team's foundation would've been the central focus of The Amazing Spider-Man 3, namely the members Green Goblin (Harry Osborn & Norman Osborn), Rhino (Alexsei Sytsevich), Mysterio (Quentin Beck), and Kraven the Hunter (Sergei Kravinoff) being recruited, whereas the other members Doctor Octopus (Otto Octavius), Vulture and been the main villainous characters of the eponymous two-part spin-off film The Sinister Six, where it would be revealed the true benefactor and mastermind behind the team's machinations would be none other than an alive and well Norman Osborn, who like his son Harry had taken a completed serum derived from both the modified venom of the Araneus Oscorpeus spiders and the blood of Spider-Man himself, mixed with the DNA of various animal phylums to become a powerful mutant monster known as the King Goblin.



Aleksei Sytsevich, the first canditate

Following Harry Osborn's imprisonment at Ravencroft Institute after murdering Gwen Stacy, he plotted; with the mysterious Oscorp representitive, Gustav Fiers about setting up a team of criminals. Their first candidate is Aleksei Sytsevich; who Fiers had broken out of prison and supplied him; with a mecha rhino to cause chaos in New York City, although Sytsevich ended up being stopped by Spider-Man.

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  • As the Sinister Six weren't referenced to in Spider-Man: No Way Home (aside from Parker's confrontation with Rhino) this implies that; Harry and Fiers didn't go ahead; with setting up their supervillain team for reasons unknown, or they are in the works of setting it up in the future.