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"We know it's hard, but it's the truth, Miles."
―Spectacular Spider-Man to Spider-Man[src]

Peter Benjamin Parker[2] is a teenager who after being bitten by a genetically altered spider, became the local superhero from New York City known as the spectacular Spider-Man.


Becoming Spider-Man[]

Peter and George 26496

Spider-Man losing George Stacy

Peter was bitten by a genetically altered spider that overwrite Peter's DNA giving him spider-likes powers and abilities. Seeing the potential in his newfound abilities, Peter designed a wrestler suit to compete in a wrestling competition. One day, Peter would accidentally let a thief escape, whom later, kills his uncle. Parker then swore an oath to New York and created a red and blue suit, becoming a superhero known as the spectacular "Spider-Man". Years later, Parker couldn't save the father of Gwen, Captain George Stacy, who died on his arms, while Peter apologized to him.

Chasing Miles Morales[]

"Everyone keeps telling me how MY story is supposed to go."
Spider-Man to Miguel O'Hara[src]
Spectacular Spider-Man confronts Miles

Spectacular Spider-Man confronts Miles Morales

Peter would later get recruited to join Miguel O'Hara's Spider Society to help protect the Multiverse from anomalies. He tried telling Miles Morales that he needed to accept the truth to keep the Multiverse safe.

Later, was one of the many members of this team to try to stop him from returning to his home dimension under Miguel's orders. Unfortunately, Miles escape. Unknown to them, Miles was sent to his spider's home dimension (Earth-42).


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Powers and Abilities[]

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