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Spider-Carnage is a suit from The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (videogame).


The suit's mask appears much like that of the suit from the second film but the lower half of it is transformed to resemble the mouth of Carnage with spiky teeth and dark skin surrounding it. On the body of the suit is a large black spider identical to the one that the villain "Venom" has on his chest. The shoulders and upper body of the suit are like Spidey's normal suit red with a webbing pattern. The rest of the suit (sleeves and lower body) is blue with what appears to be partially covered with red symbiote. The wrists have silver metal gauntlets that look like they could be handcuffs.


  • The Spider-Carnage suit was formed when the symbiote known as "Carnage" got itself onto Spider-Man's suit.
  • Another Spider-Man suit that has similar aspects to this one is the black suit which was formed when the other symbiote known as "Venom" combined itself with Spider-Man's suit.
  • The black suit was originally called the "Symbiote Spider-Man" but was changed in popular media to save the confusion with the Spider-Carnage suit but is still called it in some forms of media as the "Spider-Carnage suit is lesser known.