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"I really did try to help you. I mean, I could've killed you. At any given moment, but I didn't. Because my Aunt May taught me that everyone deserves a second chance."

Peter Benjamin Parker is an alternate younger version of Peter Parker and is a former high school student who gained spider-like abilities, fighting crime across New York City as the superhero and former Avenger Spider-Man and Iron-Spider, along with the best friend of Ned Leeds, nephew of May Parker.

Parker would later defeat the supervillain Mysterio, who would unintentionally kill himself upon the Brooklyn Bridge. Upon Parker's return to New York, Mysterio posthumously provided fake footage to The Daily Bugle incriminating him instead as the mastermind of the drone at tacks as well as the murderer of Mysterio, while exposing his true identity to the world. While he was able to escape legal action with defense attorney Matt Murdock, the resulting controversy that upended his and his friends' futures led Parker to enlist Doctor Strange to cast a memory-wiping spell to make the identity of Spider-Man a secret once more. However, knowing his loved ones will forget him too, he asked Stephen Strange to add his loved ones. But, it ruined the spell, resulting in a multiversal rift that unleashed foes of Spider-Man from alternate universes who had a common thing which was they died fighting their Spider-Man, namely including Doctor Octopus, Lizard, Electro, Sandman and the Green Goblin. Although intending to cure them before sending them back to avert their deaths in their native universes, Parker confronted but later, Osborn was tooken over by the Green Goblin once again and Goblin commanded the villains to betray Parker and will not get cured, ultimately resulting in Parker's aunt to die in the hands of the Goblin. Parker then met two counterparts of himself who helped him overcome the villains and cure their enemies in the final combat on the Statue of Liberty. Later, Goblin's action caused Parker to almost become a murderer by killing Osborn. The older version of Parker stopped this Parker not to stab Goblin because killing Goblin would not make Parker better. Parker eventually cured Goblin and he was turned back to Osborn.

Faced with an impossible choice, Parker had Strange cast another spell to make the entire world oblivious to his existence in order to protect the Multiverse, erasing the existence of Peter Parker from history, including Jones and Leeds . Starting a new individual life, Parker resumed his duties undisturbed as an very independent Spider-Man, becoming an unknown vigilante across the city.


Early Life[]

Peter Benjamin Parker was born in Queens, New York City on August 10, 2001. Since his childhood, the young Parker was raised by his Aunt May Parker and uncle Ben Parker, whom later Ben died, leaving no choice for May to raise Peter by herself.

Becoming Spider-Man[]

"Ever since I got bitten by that spider, I only had one week for my life that's called normal."
―Peter Parker to Michelle Jones[src]

In his teens, Parker attended Midtown School of Science and Technology basically Midtown High, where he quickly became a good best friend with his classmate Ned, and being bullied by Flash Thompson. Michelle Jones would often tease Parker and Leeds, calling them "losers".[2]

At the age of fourteen, Parker was bitten by a radioactive spider and acquired superhuman powers, including strength and speed proportional to that made Parker having similar abilities to spiders, including wall climbing and webbing. Resolving to use his abilities to help those in need, Parker developed his own synthetic web fluid and Web-Shooters to use when battling criminals in New York City as the masked superhero, creating his secretive alter ego, Spider-Man. To keep his identity as Spider-Man a secret, Parker maintained an unassuming lifestyle, including a mask.[1]

Life as Spider-Man[]

"I’ve been in a team, okay? I don’t wanna brag, but I will. I was in the Avengers."
"The Avengers, that's great! What is that?"
―Spider-Man and Spider-Man[src]

Eventually, Parker's work as a hero would be noticed by the Avengers, a team of heroes in his universe, who would occasionally require Peter's assistance.

Tony Stark's former bodyguard Happy Hogan, who would begin a fling with May, to Parker's annoyance, looking out for him. However, he would also accidently reveal his secret to May, who would become a supporter of his hero activities after seeing that he could handle those situations.[2]

Spider-Man's earliest days was fighting against villains such as Vulture.[2] Peter then assisted the Avengers and aided them on several occasions, most notably in an intense battle against a genocidal alien warlord known as Thanos.[3]

Battle with Mysterio[]

Parker would later attend a field trip with his class to Europe, where he would be wrapped in a fight against the Elementals with Mysterio. Peter later discovered that Beck was tricking him this whole time. When Peter fight Beck in the final battle, accidently caused the drones to shoot him fatally wounding him, allowing Parker to call of the drones for good, with Beck dying.[4]

Branded as a Murder[]

Doctored footage was given to that framed Parker for killing Mysterio and exposed his secret identity. Venom, who had travelled to Parker's universe, saw Parker on the news and licked the TV.[5]

Spider-Man swears

Spider-Man sees his identity being exposed

Public Enemy #1[]

"What the fu--!!??"
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Taking notice of the breaking news broadcast from the NY1 station, Spider-Man turned around to watch the outer television monitor of the stadium. As news anchor Pat Kiernan reported on the attack in London, Spider-Man listened closely about an anonymous source that provided video of Mysterio's final moments before his death. As Mysterio talked over in the video, Spider-Man was accused for killing him and staging a crisis to try and become the "next Iron Man." When Kiernan went on about having the footage being cited from the controversial online news site, The Daily Bugle, the online tabloid's host, J. Jonah Jameson, accused Spider-Man to be responsible of the murder of Mysterio, who would go down in history as the greatest superhero of all time. As Jameson went on, the broadcast showed more footage, displaying Mysterio revealing Spider-Man's civilian identity, horrifying Parker as he swore in public.

SpiderManNoWayHome-Still better quality

Spider-Man sees Jones being harassed

Parker then looked down below at Jones and watched as crowds swarmed around her, with people asking if she was Spider-Man's girlfriend. Parker lept off the light post and makes his way to Jones, pushing through an angry mob. Some angrily asked him why he killed Mysterio and begin to push him and Jones, with one woman even atttempting to unmask him in public, only for her to yell aloud that he attacked her even though he was just defending himself.

Spider-Man & Michelle Jones

Spider-Man receives a call from Ned Leeds

Parker grabbed ahold of Jones and swung away through Times Square passing jumbotrons revealing his identity and labeling him as "Public Enemy #1", as well as billboards referencing Rogers: The Musical. During their escape, Peter asks if it's possible to lay-low at Jones' house. Jones tells him no, saying her father definitely dislikes Parker now that he knows he's Spider-Man. Parker improvised and landed atop the Queensboro Bridge. On the bridge, Parker received a face-time video call from Ned Leeds, who was anxious over the reveal.

Best Sandwiches in Queens

Spider-Man escapes with Michelle Jones

As Parker panicked with Leeds, Jones interrupted reminding him of the uncomfortable height he's left her in. Parker turns around and tends to her safety, just as WLGJ helicopters begin to surround them. Parker along with Jones, leaps off the bridge and swings his way into the Subway station below, narrowly missing a train. They instead escape through a sewer hole in the street, right in front of the newly reopened Delmar's Deli-Grocery, and then swung off towards his apartment.

Peter and Jones

Parker and Jones arrive in his apartment

From there, they arrived at his apartment and he helped Jones sneak inside his bedroom window. As Parker was undressed out of his suit, Happy Hogan and his aunt opened the door and thought he and Jones needed privacy as they were engaging in a sexual act. Parker put a shirt on and told his aunt, albeit awkwardly, that he wasn't doing what she thought, as she came inside to meet Jones.

Parker learns the helicopters are outside

Parker learns the helicopters are outside

As they went in the living room, Parker demanded an explanation of their break up, before learning that the WLGJ helicopters were flying around his apartment. Parker used his web-shooters to close the blinds, as his aunt and Hogan discovered from that the world now knows about Parker's dual identity as Spider-Man.[1]

Screenshot 2023-01-28 200746

Spider-Man being splashed green paint

Sometime later, Parker went out of the apartment in his suit to catch a drug dealer. Rather than being thanked for his heroics, he got into an argument with some pedestrians regarding his age and a Mysterio supporter ambushed him by jumping out and splashing green paint across his suit in the process, much to Parker's annoyance and frustration.[6]

Reprensented by Matt Murdock[]

Peter Parker (MCU 2024)

Parker is confronted by the DODC

"Well, I have some good news, Peter. I don't believe any of the charges against you are gonna stick."
"Wait, seriously?"
Matt Murdock and Peter Parker[src]
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However, just as Parker and his aunt were watching the news about the incident, their apartment began to be investigated by the United States Department of Damage Control, who seized all of Parker's equipment.

Spider-Man NWH trailer

Spider-Man is interrogated by Agent Cleary

Parker, his aunt, Ned Leeds, and Michelle Jones, would later be taken into Damage Control custody on a warrant, charging them with various crimes. They arrived at the NYPD precinct. Agent P. Cleary attempted to interrogate Parker about the drones that were used in the Battle of London. Much to Parker's shock, when he tried to state the truth, saying that Nick Fury could vouch for him, he discovered that he had actually been off planet for a year. However before he could say anything else, his aunt, Leeds, and Jones walked past with Jones and his aunt telling him not to say anything without a lawyer.

Parker and Matt Murdock

Parker talking to Matt Murdock

Parker eventually enlisted the services of Matt Murdock to represent him, who successfully got his criminal charges dropped. Despite his criminal charges getting dropped by Murdock, he was warned by the latter that despite getting rid of legal troubles, things will still be much worse, as there was still the court of public opinion, and Hogan would also need a really powerful lawyer to defend himself against any lawsuits as it was his responsibility that Parker used Stark Tech that potentially caused damage.Much to Parker's shock, when a Mysterio supporter suddenly threw a brick inside the apartment window aimed at Parker, the blind Murdock managed to catch the brick before Parker.

Murdock catches a brick

Parker witnesses Murdock catching a brick

When Parker questioned Murdock on how he did that, he just said that he's a really good lawyer.[1]

Later on his fellow classmate, Betty Brant interviewed Parker for The Daily Bugle where she asked him if whether or not he would thank the spider that bit him to give him powers. When Parker answered that he would thank the spider because it allowed him to save people, Brant interrupted him trying to get Parker to say that he would not thank the spider, which Parker couldn't interpret as an attempt to take him off controversy.[6]

Condominum Relocation[]

May Parker and Peter Parker (2024)

Parker and May Parker moves to Happy Hogan's condo

"What's that noise?"
"Oh. It's uh, it's Happy. Look, he gave his room to May, so he's sleeping down here."
Michelle Jones and Peter Parker[src]
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After being warned by Murdock for security-related concerns and being attacked by an angry pro-Mysterio mob at their original apartment, Parker and May had moved into Happy Hogan's condominium, with the latter happily providing them all the support that they need. After arriving at Hogan's home, Parker tried to clean his dirty Spider-Man Suit but failed to do so despite his best efforts, eventually giving up, after feeling immense disgust from cleaning it up.

SM NWH Trailer shot (17)

Parker having a phone chat with Michelle Jones

Later on, Parker had discovered that Hogan had a Stark Fabricator within the workshop of his apartment, similar to the one that he used to build an upgraded suit for himself, discovering that it can build almost anything he wants to build, much to his awe. Later on, towards the night Parker called Jones, where they both discussed about their applications to their preferred institute, MIT. Parker told Jones that ever since he got bit by that radioactive spider, that he only had one week where he felt normal was when she and everyone whom he wanted to know about knew he was Spider-Man, and everyone finding out his true identity ruined that for him. However, their special moment was ruined by Hogan who told them to wrap it up as he was trying to sleep, telling him he needs his eight hours of sleep, much to Parker's shock as he learns he had been listening the whole time.[1]

College Admission Problems[]


Parker ignores the Mysterio supporters

"It is so crazy down there."
―Peter Parker to Michelle Jones[src]
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After having his criminal charges cleared, Parker headed into Midtown School of Science and Technology for his first day of senior year, after his summer break, where he, Michelle Jones, Ned Leeds, and Flash Thompson were surrounded by pro-Mysterio supporters, calling Parker and his friends horrible and demeaning names, terming Parker as the "Devil in Disguise" and people behaving creepily towards Jones, much to Parker's frustration. However, Parker was guided by the NYPD officers on crowd control, who led him inside.


Parker walking on the hallway

Later on much to Parker's awe, Parker saw Roger Harrington and Julius Dell, who welcomed him back into school, saying that it's an honor to serve him, while Andre Wilson, who supported Mysterio, accused Parker of murder and called him a murderer. Furthermore, he discovered that Harrington also made up a mural of him with all of the pictures of Parker, all the accolades that he achieved, and statues made under his name, with them informing him that he is free to do whatever he wants to do, all much to his annoyance as students began to take pictures of him while he walked down the hall. Frustrated from all of his newfound fame, Parker and Jones decided to go out to Midtown's rooftop, an undisturbed area with privacy, discussing and laughing about all of the new controversies regarding Spider-Man, such as him supposedly having the ability to hypontize females.

Jones and Parker

Parker spends some time with Michelle Jones

However just before the duo were about to kiss, they were interrupted by Leeds who came there out of his own issues with privacy. After his acquittal, Parker had given an application to the Massachusetts Institute of Technology along with Jones and Leeds, along with other backup institutes, in hopes for a fresh start in Boston with Parker hoping he can continue being Spider-Man there, hoping to maintain a happy life with his friends, as they planned to live together. Parker was eventually warned by Jones that they should expect otherwise owing to the recent controversies, telling him to expect disappointment so that they won't be disappointed in the future. Despite his friends' suspicions Parker chose to remain optimistic as he believed they would get admitted.


Parker getting rejected for college

Later on, much to Parker's shock, his, Jones, and Leeds' applications were being continuously rejected by every other institute due to his involvement with Mysterio, despite his excellent grades. However, a resilient Parker chose to keep quiet as he still hadn't received his M.I.T application form back. He remained anxious every time his aunt would return from the mail.

Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis[]

Peter and strange

Peter visits the Sanctum

"When Mysterio revealed my identity, my entire life got screwed up."
―Peter Parker to Doctor Strange[src]
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Later on, much to Parker's shock, his, Jones, and Leeds' applications were being continuously rejected by every other institute due to his involvement with Mysterio, despite his excellent grades. However, a resilient Parker chose to keep quiet as he still hadn't received his M.I.T application form back. He remained anxious every time his aunt would return from the mail. He saw Wong, who arrived from an Inter-Dimensional Portal.


Parker talks to Doctor Strange

Parker asked him what happened and Wong explained that a blizzard from Siberia had accidentally been transported in. Strange then levitated down to them and greeted Parker. Much to Parker's shock, he learned that Strange was no longer the Sorcerer Supreme, since he had blipped, and that Wong had taken the title. Parker then addressed Strange as "sir", but Strange told him that due to their shared experiences in the Infinity War and Battle of Earth, he didn't need to be so formal. Parker called him Stephen instead and proceeded to ask if there was a way that Strange could reverse time before Mysterio revealed his identity. Strange told him he no longer had the Time Stone and that he didn't want to mess with the space-time continuum due to the recent Avengers' Time Heist which did. Strange then told him there was a spell he could do, but Wong walked up and told Strange not to, as it was too dangerous. Strange pleaded with Wong, telling him that they had used it before on Kamar-Taj. Wong reluctantly agreed before leaving for Kamar-Taj through another portal.

Nwh trailer spell

Peter accidentally ruins the spell

Doctor Strange took Parker to a lower level of the Sanctum and started the Runes of Kof-Kol that will make everyone forget that Parker is Spider-Man. Parker learned that that included his aunt, best friend, and girlfriend. Horrified with this, he asked Stephen to let them remember. However, he then asked about Happy Hogan, which interrupted the spell, causing the spell to unleash the multiverse. The spell became unleased and the fabric of the Multiverse caused villains who knew Spider-Man's identity from other universes to emerge in this universe. Strange then closed the spell.

Doctor Strange confronts Peter Parker

Doctor Strange confronts Parker

After realizing that Strange failed to complete the spell, Parker asked him why he didn't do it, discovering that his exemptions would have made too many branches within reality. Much to Parker's delight and embarrassment, Strange asked him if he asked out the M.I.T Administrator to convince them to admit Jones and Leeds, noting that was a simple decision that would have worked, much to Parker's awe. After Strange finds out he didn't do so prior to contacting him, Parker immediately got kicked out of the Sanctum.

Appealing to MIT[]

Despite getting kicked out of the Sanctum, a satisfied Parker got the idea to find an M.I.T Administrator to appeal Leeds and Jones' application to MIT. As soon as he could think, Parker called a busy Flash Thompson and asked him for the contact details of the MIT Administrator so he could appeal for his friends' application. After some reluctance from Thompson to reveal the details, Parker struck a deal with him on the condition that he would tell everyone that Thompson was his best friend, much to Parker's frustration. Thompson informed Parker that the MIT representative left to the airport, sending him a picture of the representative so that he can find her.

Battle at the Alexander Hamilton Bridge[]

Spider-man-no-way-home-1 169

Parker activating his Iron-Spider Armor

"Hello, Peter."
"Hi, do we.... do I know you?"
Doctor Octopus and Spider-Man[src]
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After finding out the representative's details, Parker rushed to the Alexander Hamilton Bridge while wearing his Iron Spider Armor to identify the MIT representative using facial recognition. After seeing news helicopters, he waved at them. He then learned much to his shock that E.D.I.T.H. had been shut down, so he had to find the representative manually.

Article main 654qqc0fdopkgoeu

Iron-Spider witnesses incoming danger

Peter then activated his Iron Spider Armor before Doctor Octopus emerged from underneath the bridge and mistook Spider-Man for the same Spider-Man he knew, asking him where his machine was Parker approached and met Doc Ock. Otto demanded for his machine, thinking this Spider-Man is his Spider-Man.

Nwh empire textless

Iron-Spider dodges Doctor Octopus' attacks

Leaving no choice since thinking that Parker did not knew the machine just for a joke to Octavius, Doctor Octopus combated Spider-Man by using the tentacles to throw cars at him, forcing Spider-Man to either evade them or save civilians who were still inside the car.

Iron Spider (2024)

Iron-Spider confronts Doc Ock

Doctor Octopus grabbed Parker with the tentacle and threw him at the UPS truck, stating that he should have killed Mary Jane when he had a chance, Parker assumed that Octavius was trying to kill Michelle Jones. Spider-Man engaged in a fierce fight with Doctor Octopus, using his spider-legs against the tentacles. When Spider-Man heard that MIT representative was trapped in a falling car, he immediately rushed to save her, almost fully saving her, but was grabbed by Doctor Octopus, who then tried to forced him into the spinning blades of a nearby helicopter. Spider-Man managed to free himself from Doctor Octopus' grip and caught a car with his webs.


Spider-Man controls the tentacles

Although the Vice Chancellor was relatively safe, Spider-Man was open to Doctor Octopus' attack who pinned him down to the bridge with his tentacle. Doctor Octopus damaged the armor, which made the nanites of the armor to connect with his tentacles, making his tentacles now colored red. Doctor Octopus then attempted to kill Spider-Man by impaling him , but the nanites of his mask protected him. Doctor Octopus saw Spider-Man without his mask and said that he was not Peter Parker, which confused Parker.

Since the nanotech from the Iron-Spider Armor was connected to Otto's tentacles, Spider-Man connected his suit with the nanites attached to his tentacles and managed to take control over them, with the former being incapable of controlling the tentacles, thereby posing little threat, so Spider-Man used the tentacles to get him and the MIT Chancellor back on the bridge safely. All of a sudden, Green Goblin appeared on the bridge and attempted to attack Spider-Man and Octavius using his Pumpkin Bombs.

Spider-Man NWH trailer 103

Lizard scares Peter Parker

Tracking Multiversal Villains[]

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Right before Green Goblin attempted to attack Spider-Man and Octavius, Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus were transported into the New York Sanctum, where Doctor Strange imprisoned Doctor Octopus and Lizard. Strange told Parker that Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, and Lizard were not from their universe, but from alternate realities, who were pulled into this reality by the failed spell with the Multiverse pulling the villains with Parker being shock as he only thought that the Multiverse was theoretical and not real.

Do you know a Peter Parker's who is spider-man

Parker watches Doctor Strange talk to Doc Ock

Parker was recruited to help find and capture these multiversal villains, as he received a magic-based upgrade to his suit, with one web shot transporting his enemy that he captured back to the Sanctum. Strange told Parker that since he had messed up it was his job to fix all of this, telling him to grab the rest of the villains before reality was damaged. Parker decided to help Strange and told him that he was ready to sort out his own mess, but he needed some help, which he got help from Michelle Jones and Ned Leeds.

NWH PROMOTIONAL Image Jones, Parker, Leeds

Parker with his friends

Parker tried to refrain from telling his friends about the spell made that bought the villains to this universe, but failed as Strange ended up telling them anyways. However much to Parker's relief, his friends handled it relatively well, with Michelle Jones making Strange ask for help in a more gentle way as it was actually his fault as the caster that the spell got messed up with the magic word "please". After going down to the Undercroft in the Sanctum along with Michelle and Leeds, Parker attempted to apologize to his friends for asking Strange to cast the spell, but, Jones forgave him then tells him that the next time he wants to solve a problem maybe he should just consider telling them so they can figure out the problem without messing up the Multiverse, which Peter agreed with that. After that, Parker, Jones, and Leeds shared fun moments as he introduced them to the two imprisoned villains, Doctor Octopus and Lizard.

Capture of Sandman and Electro[]

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Parker sensing Electro

With Peter was preparing to capture more villains, he tried to clean his dirty suit but failed to do so despite his best efforts, so he turned the suit inside out for the time being as May told him that she would clean his suit later on. Ned managed to trace an activity at a military research facility outside of New York City, whom he thought was the Green Goblin. Doctor Octopus explained to Parker that it was impossible that Norman Osborn was alive as in his universe, since Norman died after being impaled by his own glider during a fight with Spider-Man, saying that either they saw someone else or he was to fight a living ghost who was possessing Norman's dead body. Then, Spider-Man swung through the woods where he encountered Electro, who was drawing powers from electrical lines since he can absorb pure energy. Spider-Man attempted transport Electro to the New York Sanctum, as the web went through his body.

Spider-Man Black and Gold (2024)

Spider-Man witnessing Electro

Electro then started to attack Spider-Man, firing continuous electric blasts at him. However, before he was attacked by Electro, he was saved by Sandman who made a sand-shield as he mistook him for the Peter Parker he knew. Sandman built a wall to protect him from the electricity before Spider-Man asked him for help to cooperate to defeat Electro. The two work together to cut the power lines, which fully restored Electro's body to its normal condition being naked. Parker and Sandman then watched as Electro came to the ground to meet them.

Flint Marko and Spider-Man (2024)

Spider-Man saved by Flint Marko

Electro asked what was going on and Parker informed him he was inanother universe. Electro responded that he likes the new electric power in this universe. Parker found a firefighter outfit nearby for Electro since he was naked. He then used the device to send Electro to the Sanctum. Sandman believed Spider-Man killed him and confronted Parker on his actions, but was promptly teleported away also. Parker decided hat he had to clean things up in order to keep his record clean before the media did anything against him, Spider-Man decided to stay at the electrical tower in order to clean up the area, telling Michelle Jones that he will be finding Norman Osborn later on.

Peter Parker meets Norman Osborn

Peter meeting Norman Osborn

Then the next day, Parker managed to finish repairing as much damage as he could through his webbing, he was called by May Parker to come at the F.E.A.S.T. Community Center immediately as Osborn came there. Parker became worried (thinking that Norman was trying to hurt May), Spider-Man immediately went towards the F.E.A.S.T. Community Center, leaving all things behind to track down Osborn. However, much to his shock and relief, Osborn was merely there to ask for Spider-Man and his aunt for help in his fight against his own demons with the Goblin alter persona. With Osborn's problem, Parker realized that Osborn has two different personalities. Parker was convinced by May that the Multiverse villains were troubled people who needed his help because having common issues with their bodies .Parker and Osborn were driven by May Parker to the New York Sanctum and Parker got his suit back, which had now been cleaned from the green paint.

Parker thanked May before he brought Norman to the undercroft as he introduces him to Leeds and Jones. With Norman's confusion of this universe, he questions if Jones was Mary Jane, with Jones responded with her name was not Mary Jane, but Michelle Jones. Parker was not only surprised that another version of her exist in his universe but also that MJ can be short for a different name. Parker finds out that Norman Osborn, Doctor Octopus, and Electro were escaped from their deaths in their Spider-Man's universe due to the failed spell, which shocked him. Stephen Strange suddenly arrived with the Macchina di Kadavus, he explained to Spider-Man that these three were doomed to die fighting their versions of Spider-Man, and that he planned to reverse the spell and send them back to their fates for the sake of the greater Multiverse. Remembering what May said, Parker decided to not let the villains die and give them a second chance, so, Spider-Man stole the box containing the spell before Strange can use it and ran off.

Battle of the Macchina di Kadavus[]

Spider-Man Astral Form

Spider-Man's astral form is split by Doctor Strange

"Hey Strange, you know what's cooler than magic? Math!"
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Parker ran outside the Sanctum and tried to escape, but was stopped by Strange who told him to hand the box over. When Spider-Man didn't, Strange used his Sling Ring to summon two Inter-Dimensional Portals to stop him. He then used an Eldritch Whip to bring him down. Strange then knocked him into the Astral Dimension. Parker believed he was dead, but was amazed to learn that he could use his Spidey sense and swimmed back in to his body. Spider-Man then swung away, only to be stopped by the Cloak of Levitation which wrapped itself around his shoulders and tried to pull him back down. Spider-Man managed to free himself and attempted to swing away.

Mirrror Dimension

Spider-Man enters the Mirror Dimension

But, Strange opened up the Mirror Dimension and sent Spider-Man into it. Spider-Man fell throughout the Dimension, crashing throughout the city falling inside a shopping mall and other buildings. After falling into Central Park, Strange opened a portal, and a subway train came through, hitting him and temporarily separating him from the box. Spider-Man grabbed the box again, but the Cloak reached him and grabbed it as well. Strange then sent him through portals while the Cloak continued to grab hold of it. This action separated them from the box and transported them to the Grand Canyon in Arizona. Strange then opened a portal and told Spider-Man he would return for him afterwards.

Nwh spot

Spider-Man confronting Strange's actions

Unfazed, Spider-Man decided to use the situation to his advantage, discovering the various mathematical possibilities to trap someone within the Dimension. Spider-Man then entangled Strange in a matrix full of his webs through the use of geometry. Parker grabbed the box and prepared to hop into the open portal. Strange told him not too, but Spider-Man used his web to take his Sling Ring and left the Dimension. After all of that, Spider-Man told Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones about what had just happened, when they asked where he had gone. He told them he was in a mirror place and that he had taken Strange's Sling Ring. Parker asked Jones and Leeds with keeping the box safe and to wait for him in case they needed to press the button.

Curing Doctor Octopus[]

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Parker released the villains from their cell and called his aunt May in order to pick the group up. Peter alongside his aunt took Electro, Flint Marko, Lizard, Osborn, and Octopus to Happy Hogan's condominium to try to cure them. Parker shows the Stark Industries Fabricator he had discovered early on in his friends apartment. Upon arriving, Parker was questioned by Octopus about his plan to help cure the villains as he was skeptical of him using a condominium instead of a lab or facility and believes that he's gonna kill them all, which he hopes not to do. Peter decided to work on Doctor Octopus, who believed that he doesn't need fixing, first as he goes to the room where he found the fabricator before as his Aunt May, Norman, and Electro follow him, as he shows the three of them as to what he planned to use to cure the group of villains. Peter explained too Norman and Electro as to what the fabricator does as he opens it up, but accidentally dent the wall in the kitchen, which Doctor Octopus hears and becomes terrified as he was fully convinced that he's gonna kill the villains.


Parker and Norman Osborn working on Doctor Octopus' cure

Electro, Flint Marko, and Doctor Octopus hang out in the living room, and Lizard in the F.E.A.S.T. truck, Peter had discovers the root cause of Octavius' issues as he tells Norman that the chip on the back of his neck was designed to protect his brain from A.I system of his tentacles, but the chip is broken, making the tentacles controlling Octavius instead of Octavius being controlling the tentacles. Parker and Osborn used the Fabricator to create a new chip for Otto. Once they were finished with the chip for Octavius with Norman's help, Peter asked his Aunt May to set Doctor Octopus up so he can put the chip on Octavius.

Curing Otto Octavius

Parker cures Doctor Octopus

Peter takes off the original inhibitor chip made by Otto Octavius, but struggled with putting the new one, while Otto moving his head, Osborn told him to have faith, but Octavius responded by 'says by the reckless fool who turned himself into a monster' and telling that to keep the new chip 'Science fair project' away from him. Seeing that the chip work in restoring his mind and reverting him back to Otto Octavius, Parker was pleased that he could help while Octavius upgrades his original suit by returning him back the nanotech as a thank you.

Spider-Man senses Green Goblin

Spider-Man senses incoming danger

Escape from Spider-Man[]

"Strong enough to have it all. Too weak to take it!"
Green Goblin to Spider-Man[src]

All of a sudden, Parker sensed danger near coming by, telling that someone posing a danger for his aunt was very close by. Parker sensed the danger was Osborn, who he webbed his hand. As a result, the Goblin persona took over Norman again, but now being more maniaclly crazier by convincing the villains that they no need to be fixed. As that happened, Octavius attempted to stop the villains, but he was knocked out by Electro.

Goblin takes control

Spider-Man fights Green Goblin

Meanwhile, Spider-Man battled with Green Goblin and the two engaged in a fierce and brutal battle throughout the entire building with Goblin. Goblin threw Spider-Man out of a window, and as Spider-Man held onto the side of the building, he looked down below and saw The Daily Bugle watching. He was then suddenly attacked by Lizard, who told Parker that his words of consequences of fixing people was right.


Spider-Man attempts to stop a Pumpkin Bomb

Green Goblin then proceeded to fight him again, crashing through multiple levels, until they reached the first. Before he could choke him to death, his aunt ran to them and stabbed Green Goblin with the first version of his cure. Unfortunately, it did not work, and Green Goblin activated his Goblin Glider, impalling May. Goblin then throw a Pumpkin Bomb and escape. Parker tried to catch it before it exploded. May told Parker that with great power comes great responsibility and collapsed from her wounds. As Happy Hogan arrived to see Spider-Man mourn over his aunt's death, armed Damage Control agents arrive to mercilessly force him out of his car and arrested him. Hogan then told Spider-Man to run, getting shot in the shoulder before leaving his aunt's corpse under a hail of bullets.

Meeting His Counterparts[]
Maxresdefault (1)

Parker speaks to his counterparts

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With the loss of May Parker, Peter retreated to top of a building in Times Square and watched on a huge screen, of J. Jonah Jameson reporting on the recent event.Parker then retreated to the top of Midtown School of Science and Technology and wept. Eventually, he was found by Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones who hugged and comforted him. He also met two counterparts of himself, whom the villains fought these two in the past of their respective universe. Parker told his variants his plans to save the villains by changing their fates, which he failed and now he doesn't care anymore.

However, the alternate Parkers proceeded to tell Spider-Man about the people they lost as well, with the oldest talking about how he couldn't save his uncle Ben Parker and the other on how he failed to save his girlfriend Gwen Stacy and as a result of her death he became bitter and more violent. After his spirit got renewed, Parker, Ned Leeds, Michelle Jones, and the two other Parkers decided to use the science lab of Midtown-High to prepare for their final battle with the villains. Using their knowledge of their respective villains they managed to come up with cures to their powers, with one Parker handling Lizard's cure, and the older Parker handling Green Goblin's cure, saying that he had been planning for quite a long time.

Parker working together

Parker creates cures

As his variants developed the cures for everybody else, Parker continued to repair the devices that he had devised earlier to cure, Electro and Sandman, with his friends assisting him and his variants around as they developed the cure for all of the villains. Then, MJ becamed supportive consoled Parker who tells him to look at her, telling him that they will get through this together, and that she is not going to go anywhere. Leeds prepared the web-fluid cartridges for all of them, Parker discovered that one of his variants could produce his webbing organically, much to his shock, with his third variant questioning how does organic webbing even function. deciding to go to the Statue of Liberty, the place that represents second chances, using the Macchina di Kadavus as a lure. Leeds says that he can teleport them there using Doctor Strange's sling ring. Leeds also promises that he won't turn into a supervillain and kill him like one of his other variants' best friend.

Curing all the Multiversal Tresspassers[]

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Parker and his variants Unite

Parker and his counterparts unite to work as a team

Once finished the group went to the Statue of Liberty which was under construction to be redesigned to sport the new Captain America's shield. Before the battle, Parker called into the The Daily Bugle to admit his fault in bringing all the villains here to their universe and told them he was going to fix his mistake in the end asking the people of New York to wish him luck. Parker and his variants, as they prepared, joked and conversed with each other regaling about the villains. Electro suddenly arrived, Parker is warned by Electro that he can give him the box that is key to their death or prepare to die. As the battle begins, Parker hands off the box to Jones and Leeds so that the villains cannot fetch it, which unfortunately goes wrong as Leeds couldn't close his portal. As all of Spider-Man's variants head into battle with one variant fighting Lizard, and the other fighting against Electro, barely managing to hold their own, requesting Spider-Man to deliver the cure to their respective villains. Just before he is about to do that, Spider-Man gets ambushed by Sandman. As the battle goes within the villains' favor, Spider-Man deduces that he and his variants are terrible at communication, with them being unable to coordinate together. Having been in the Avengers, Spider-Man ask about the Avengers, which his counterparts did not have Avengers. Parker tags the one variant as Peter-Two, and the other variant Peter-Three, and him being Peter-One. Going in with a renewed spirit, Parker and his variants run towards their aim and jump off the scaffolding, swinging to their destination together, now as a team.

Peter Parkers

Spider-Man facing Electro

As they dash into battle, Peter-2 fights off Sandman, while Peter-3 fights off Lizard, while Spider-Man gets ambushed by Electro, telling them using their earpieces they have to cure Sandman first. Just as he is being attacked by Electro, Spider-Man manages to deliver the antidote of Sandman after getting it from Peter-3, back to Peter-2 who manages to successfully cure Sandman back to Flint Marko. Spider-Man and Peter-2 immediately rush to help Peter-3 who is now struggling against an Arc-Reactor empowered Electro who is more powerful than ever. Spider-Man tells Peter-2 and Peter-3 they have to take the Arc Reactor away from Electro in order to stand a chance, making a plan to make Peter-2 to go right and Peter-3 to go left, in order to subdue Electro in a three-way attack, which fails.

Lizard breaks free from Peter-3's webbing as he rushes back into the open portal into Midtown School of Science and Technology. Spider-Man rushed after to rescue Jones and Leeds, yelling at Lizard to stop. Spider-Man then ran after Lizard through another portal back onto the scaffolding. When Peter-Three was attacked by Electro, Doctor Octopus arrives who pretended to be under the guise of helping Electro, disarming him from his arc reactor and curing him by draining him of his power. Just as Spider-Man is struggling fending off Lizard, he is saved off by Jones who hands him the anti-serum to him, allowing Peter to turn Lizard back into Curt Connors.


Parker sensing the Green Goblin

When they finally succeed against the villains, Doctor Strange had arrived, through one of Leeds' portals, and confronted Parker for leaving him dangling over the Grand Canyon for twelve hours. When Parker introduces his variants from other universes to Strange who suggest that Parker could have used Strange's help, Strange tells Parker that he was pleasantly surprised by what he has accomplished by curing the villains by giving them second chances. Before Doctor Strange could activate the Macchina di Kadavus to reverse the spell, Green Goblin appeared and attempted to snatch it however Strange managed to disarm him. Unfortunately, though it turned out Green Goblin had already put a Pumpkin Bomb in the box which detonated. Destroying it and leaving Stange no way to send the villains as well as the other Spider-Men back to their respective worlds. The Pumpkin bomb also destroys the scaffolding in the Statue of Liberty knocking Michelle Jones off as Spider-Man dived to save her, Green Goblin intercepted him with the Goblin Glider.

Curing Norman Osborn[]
Peter fights Goblin

Peter furiously attacks Green Goblin

Fortunately, Peter-Three managed to save her. Green Goblin taunted Spider-Man for still being too weak to send him back home to his universe to die, although Spider-Man, filled with rage and hatred for what Green Goblin has done, just replied that he simply wanted to be the one to kill him. Spider-Man, fueled solely by rage and hate and no longer holding back, brutally beat up Green Goblin. Spider-Man grabbed the glider and attempted to impale him to death with it. However, before delivering his brutal punishment, he was stopped by Peter-Two. Spider-Man finally calmed down and came to his senses, after realizing this was not what May would want for him by getting revenge (since she wanted to cure the villains since everyone deserves a second chance.) Peter-Two was stabbed in the back by Green Goblin, but was not killed. Then, Peter-Three threw Spider-Man the cure for the Green Goblin serum, which Peter-One then injected into Green Goblin in retaliation, finally freeing Osborn of the Green Goblin persona.

Making Sacrifices[]

Peter Parker (2024)

Parker asks Strange to cast the spell again

"They're coming here because of me, right? Because I'm Peter Parker? So cast a new spell. But this time, make everyone forget who Peter Parker is. Make everyone forget... me."
―Spider-Man to Doctor Strange[src]

Realizing Strange's increasing inability to contain other variants of individuals who know of his identity will result in the complete collapse of the multiverse, Parker chooses to tell him to cast the spell that was unsuccessfully attempted before but alter it so that the entire world permanently forgets about Parker's existence. Strange, warns Parker the consequences of performing this action, is initially hesitant as it would then result in him, among others, permanently losing the bonds they had with Parker throughout his career as a superhero by proxy of knowing his secret identity. Parker elects to go through with the casting anyway.

Three Parkers

Spider-Man says goodbye to his variants

Parker then talked to his variants, Parker then shares some time with his variants, thanking them for assisting his efforts in curing the villains, and he embraced them. Parker then spends one last private moment with Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones, who Jones embraced with Parker before he departs the scene as the spell is initiated, ridding them, and the entire world, of their knowledge of Peter Parker permanently.

New Independence[]

"Rent is due on the first of the month. Don't be late."
―Landlord to Peter Parker[src]
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Spider-Man constructed a new suit using the design from his counterpart's, albeit differences.

In December, Parker went to Peter Pan Donut & Pastry Shop, intending on reconnecting with Ned Leeds and Michelle Jones by reminding them of their past relationships together. Upon approaching Jones to order a cup of coffee, he introduced himself to her, which MJ did not pay attention to him, as she greeted Leeds who came nearby, making Parker realize she had fully forgotten him once and for all. Parker then noticed the pair's shared excitement for being admitted into MIT, reminiscing about his efforts to get all three of them into the same university so they were able to stay in touch. When Jones temporarily broke off with Leeds to take his order, Parker glimpsed at a band-aid on her forehead, immediately reminding him of the physical harm she had suffered during the recent events at the Statue of Liberty battle before. Realizing that reconnecting with them would break them away from their personal aspirations after high school, Parker ultimately forfeited the chance to engage in any further conversation with either Jones or Leeds to keep them safe from any further harm that would come as a result of his vigilantism. Parker decided to exited the cafe after receiving his coffee, but not before saying goodbye to Jones.


Spider-Man swings to the city with a new suit, still one of New York's vigilante.

Parker visited his aunt's gravesite at a local cemetery, grieving her death. Happy suddenly joined him at the funeral, who met Peter. Happy Hogan, who asked Parker how he knew May. Parker replied that he knew her through Spider-Man, in which Hogan replied the same. Hogan then told Parker that then recalled losing his friend Tony Stark. Parker moved into an apartment and begin to settle in, whom he heard somebody told Parker to due rent in January, 2025, whom Parker will not be late to due rent. Parker put these things in his apartment: LEGO minifigure of Emperor Palpatine from the Death Star set Leeds and Parker built together, and the coffee cup Jones gave Peter at the café. Parker borrowed a GED textbook to complete his lost secondary academics, and bought a sewing machine to create a new Spider-Man Suit by hand, taking inspiration in the visual design from the suit his counterparts. One night, having tapped his phone into the Police Radio Frequency to keep himself notified of ongoing crime, Parker quickly exited his apartment through the front window and swung through Rockefeller Center, passing the Christmas tree and ice rink, with now being an independent Spider-Man.

Monitored across the spider-verse[]

Parker's incident with Strange's spell is mentioned by Miguel O'Hara twice, and he is referenced as "the little nerd" on both occasions.


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Spider-Man Suit: Parker wore a specialized suit while becoming his alter-ego, Spider-Man.


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