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"YOU’RE A MISTAKE! If you hadn’t been bit, your Peter Parker would have LIVED! Instead he died, saving YOU! He would have stopped the collider before it even went off. Spot wouldn’t exist. And none of THIS would have happened. AND ALL THIS TIME, I HAVE BEEN THE ONLY ONE HOLDING IT ALL TOGETHER. You don’t belong here. You never did."
―Miguel O'Hara to Miles Morales[src]

Miguel O'Hara is a Spider-Person from Earth-928, who leads a team of spider-men.


Early Life[]

Becoming Spider-Man[]

Miguel O'Hara was a genetics scientist for Alchemax. Upon trying to quit his job, his supervisor drugged him with only the company produces in hopes to keep Miguel hooked and under their control. In an attempt to reverse his body to before being drugged, Miguel conducted an experiment on himself which was sabotaged by a co-worker, mixing in spider DNA, birthing Miguel as Spider-Man. During his early days as Spider-Man, Miguel would found out about the multiverse, beginning to monitoring it since then.

Forming the Spider-Society[]

Miguel began recruiting more Spider-Men as a way to keep the multiverse safe from any threat after he realizes that the Collider Crisis stranded several villains in other universes. For that, Miguel would visit Earth-616, Earth-404 among other universes to recruit the Spider-Men of these universes to help him in his missions of sending the diplace villains back to their home reality, along the way Miguel would become a competent leader for the team along with Jessica Drew.

The Canon Accident[]

Spider-Man 2099 Render (1)

The mysterious "Dark Garfield" would form an elite team of Spider-People to protect the Spider-Verse.

Some time later after founding the Spider-Society, Miguel would find a world where an alternate version of himself had a daughter and lived a happy and peaceful domestic life. After discovering this universe, Miguel would secretly look at this universe secretly from all the members of the newly founded Spider-Society, beginning to feel a little envy and sadness after seeing how a version of him could be happy if he had not become Spider-Man.

However, his life will change drastically once his counterpart had been cruelly murdered, Miguel under good intentions decided to take his place in order to raise his now orphaned daughter. After this, Miguel would begin to spend more time in his counterpart's universe enjoying being a father and his family to the point that he no longer returned to his universe or related as much to the members of the Spider-Society with Miguel apparently. leaving his life as Spider-Man behind to be a family man.

Despite the fact that his life as a father was beautiful, things would begin to change once that universe began to fall apart together with its inhabitants realizing what Miguel was going through, and would call some members of the Spider-Society, in order to save the people he loves.

However, not even with the help of the original Spider-Man they manage achieve his goal, since that entire universe was destroyed while Miguel watches as his daughter disappears in his arms. After that Miguel stays looking his arms in horror after he sees how everything he ever loved disappear as Peter B. consoled him for his loss.

Learning about Miles Morales[]

Spider-Man 2099 Hot Toys

Spider-Man 2099 would continue protecting the multiverse after he lost his daughter, but became a grief-ridden person.

After these events, Miguel would feel abandoned and full of guilt after that event, while little by little he begins to distance himself and become more strict with the Spider-Society. Wanting to make up for his mistake and find out what happened, Miguel began to investigate the multiverse more than ever as a way to know how to properly protect it and prevent similar events from occurring.

In his studies, Spider-Man discovered the Web of Life and Destiny, a small pocket found in the multiverse which seemed to be the established timeline of canonical events for spider-like heroes throughout the multiverse who couldn't be interrupted, so that this universe would not be destroyed after finding out about those events Miguel would be strict with those Canon Events deciding along with the Spider-Society to make sure the Canon end up occurring.


O'Hara believed Miles Morales, the Spider-Man of Earth-1610, was an anomaly and a threat to the Spider-Verse.

He also discovered that the collider event on Earth-1610 made the spider radioactive that intended to bite Miles Morales from Earth-42 and turning him into Spider-Man, ended up being transported to Earth-1610 and biting Miles Morales from that world and turning him into Spider-Man in his place. Coming to the conclusion that Miles was an anomaly and that his presence could be a danger to the multiverse, Miguel would give the rule to all members of the spider-society, especially those who were related to Miles (such as Peter B. or Peni Parker) not to visit him or try to get him on the team. Even so, Miguel promised as a reward that he would not tell Miles the truth that he is an Anomaly as well as the Canon Event that was about to take place in his universe.

Later, Miguel and his holographic companion Lyla monitored the activation of the Super-Collider and meeting of the Spider-Gang, anticipating the potential collapse of the multiverse.[1][2]

Meeting Gwen[]

Miguel and Jess

Spider-Man 2099 and Jessica Drew assists Spider-Woman

"And don't get me started on Doctor Strange and that little nerd back on Earth-199999!"
"Who's 'Doctor Strange'? A guy with a name like that probably shouldn't be a medical doctor."
―Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Woman[src]

Once the Vulture of an alternate dimension inflicts chaos upon the Guggenheim Museum in Earth-65's New York City, O'Hara unleashed a portal out of which his Smart Web emitted, latching onto the target's claw. Out of the portal sprung O'Hara hurdling himself toward the Vulture. Removing his cape, O'Hara, while constantly interrupted, introduced himself to the Spider-Woman Gwen Stacy, who insisted upon defeating the Vulture. O'Hara, assuring her he had it under control, was then suddenly attacked by him.


Spider-Man 2099 attempts to defeat Vulture

While trying to fend him off, O'Hara explained to Stacy the consequences his Spider-Society had to deal with, having portals appear randomly across the multiverse displacing people like the Vulture, now putting these anomalies back to their original universe before time and space collapses, and was reminded of the Spider-Man Multiversal Crisis on Earth-199999 while explaining this. O'Hara also called for backup from LYLA, being granted aid from Jessica Drew of Earth-332, who kept suggesting Stacy should join the Spider-Society. O'Hara refused to do so.

2099 and Gwen

Spider-Man 2099 confronts Spider-Woman

Clinging onto the Vulture and about to use his vampire-like fangs, O'Hara is rudely interrupted by a helicopter telling him to descend to the ground, despite him telling them that he's a good guy. The Vulture unleashed razors that render the helicopter out-of-control, leaving O'Hara, Drew and the unrecruited Stacy to safely land it inside the museum. With the Vulture in hand, O'Hara interrupted Stacy and her father's conversation, in which Stacy revealed her identity. O'Hara maintaining her father in a net, gives her a Dimensional Travel Watch, applying her to his Spider-Society.

Later, Spider-Man learned that Johnathan Ohnn was affected by the collider on Earth-1610 and, over a year later, would use the Spotted Dimension to travel anywhere within the Multiverse. Johnathan then successfully used a miniature particle collider he created to boost his traversal powers. After Gwen, Hobie Brown and Miles Morales failed to stop him on Earth-50101, he ordered all three of them to travel to his universe.[1]


Tracking the Spot[]

When Spot accidentally teleports to the Lego universe, Lego Spider-Man calls Miguel about the anomaly, and Miguel opts to send Gwen to Miles's universe to track down the Spot. However, Gwen gets sidetracked spending time with Miles, allowing the Spot to regain his powers and teleport to another dimension. Gwen then follows the Spot to Mumbattan, accompanied by Miles. Ultimately, the Spot goes inside of that universes's collider, giving him nearly unlimited power and allowing him to teleport back home. The ensuing destruction leads to Inspector Singh, a police captain in that world, nearly dying. Miles saves him, disrupting the canon and causing the universe to start collapsing. Members of the Spider-Society arrive to attempt to patch the hole up, while Miles, Gwen, and Hobie Brown go the HQ to meet with Miguel.[1]

Arguing with Miles Morales[]

"Miles, being Spider-man is a sacrifice. You have a choice between saving one person and saving every world."
―Miguel O'Hara[src]
Miguel O' Hara (ATSV)

O'Hara speaks to Miles Morales.

There, Miguel explains the concept of canon events to Miles, and that one of the canon events is that a police captain close to Spider-Man dies attempting to save a child, hence the universe's collapse. Miles also realizes that since his father is about to become police captain, he is about to die. Miguel reveals his backstory to Miles, and attempts to imprison him.[1]

Chase of Miles Morales[]

Miguel (2020)

O'Hara chases Spider-Man

However, Miles uses his Venom powers to escape, causing Miguel and the entire Spider-Society to chase after Miles, alongside Gwen and Miles's mentor, Peter B. Parker. In the finale of the chase, Miguel reveals to Miles that he is an anomaly, whose existence has led to Spot existing, dubbing him a mistake and a kid who doesn't know the consequences of his decisions. Miles, however, reveals that his plan was to lure the society away from the teleporter, and electrocutes Miguel before escaping back.[1]

Miles' Escape[]

Screenshot 2023-06-08 090207

O'Hara yells at Miles Morales.

Miguel arrives just as the procedure is beginning, and attempts to tear into the portal, only for Miles to escape regardless. Miguel becomes furious, and is berated by Gwen for his deranged approach. Miguel then sends Gwen back home to her dimension, deeming her a liability.[1]

Hunting Miles[]

Spider-Man 2099 on earth 1610

Spider-Man 2099 arrives in Earth-1610

He then goes to Miles's dimension, accompanied by Drew and Ben Reilly. Unbeknownst to them, however, since the spider that bit him was from another dimension, Miles has actually gone to the spider's dimension, the sole universe without a Spider-Man and that Miles is now encountering the Prowler.[1]

Battle against the Spider-Gang[]

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"That's exactly what you are, you're just a kid who has no idea what he is doing!"
―Miguel O'Hara to Miles Morales[src]

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Powers and Abilities[]

Retractable Fangs and claws


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