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"Thanks for the experimental "unstable molecules", this design looks like something a lucha wrestler will be wearing at the end of the century. Feels a little out of place in this day and age, but look what I normally wear - who am I kidding?"
Peter Parker[src]

Spider-Man 2099 suit is a Spider-Man suit that appears in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (video game).


Spider-Man 2099 suit is a blue suit with red lines making up a skull shaped spider in the center of the chest. The red spider's legs cover the shoulders and most of the arms with two red pikes protruding from the backs of each of the forearms. The mask features a two separate red lines outlining the eye sockets that resemble the pincers on an arachnid's face.


  • In the comics, Miguel O'Hara is a geneticist working for the megacorporation Alchemax in the year 2099 who is tasked with finding a way to replicate the powers of superheroes of the past (present for us) who attempts to quit when his experiments move on to human trials with disastrous results, and his superior's utter indifference to it. However, his boss, Tyler Stone, attempted to force him to stay within the company by poisoning him with Rapture, a highly addictive drug Alchemax created that bonds to the user on a genetic level and being that only they distribute it legally, he'd have no choice. Miguel sought to bypass this by using the genetic-recombination machine he'd made to alter his genome back to normal, but was sabotaged by his jealous manager Aaron Delgato, and instead ended up being imbued with spider DNA, gaining superpowers similar to Peter Parker's (who is long since dead by then). Following Aaron's accidental death, Miguel, know realizing just how corrupt Alchemax is, resolves to follow in Peter's footsteps by becoming the next Spider-Man. His costume is made out of USM fabric (unstable molecules, making it durable and adaptable).
  • Among the many future films planned for The Amazing Spider-Man film series, a film based on Spider-Man 2099 was slated, taking place in the future of this universe, albeit it was unknown who would be cast as Miguel O'Hara. It was said to feature him against either the villain Morlun (a vampiric being who fed on the life force of superhumans) or Kron Stone, the Venom of the future. The film would have ended with the villain defeated at Alchemax, the HQ of which gets destroyed in the final battle, and Miguel would have ended up in present day to meet Peter, becoming his friend. Plans also intended him to appear in a film focused on Carnage, with Miguel, Peter, Eddie Brock, the present Venom, and Felicia Hardy aka Black Cat teaming up against him. Reports also revealed a sequel to Spider-Man 2099 was being considered as well, which would have had Scorpion as the villain.
  • When wearing the suit within the game sometimes electric sparks can be seen glowing off different parts of the suit to express more of its futuristic characteristics.