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Pavitr Prabhakar also known as Spider-Man, is a Spider-Men in the Spider-Society.


Spider-Man India[]


Prabhakar as Spider-Man India

Pavitr Prabhakar has been the Spider-Man of Mumbattan for only six months, having obtained his abilities by unspecified means. He has spent those six months fighting bad guys, going to school, feeding stray dogs and drinking Chai with his aunt apart from dating his girlfriend Gayatri. He also became a member of the Spider Society, led by another Spider-Man from a different reality.

Meeting Miles[]


Spider-Man India corrects Miles Morales' grammar.

When Spot from Earth-1610 arrived to his Earth, Pavitr was called upon by Jessica Drew to assist his friend Gwen Stacy who was to be handling the case. Unknown to Gwen, Miles Morales followed her through a dimensional portal without being invited. Pavitr caught up with them and instantly identified romantic tension between the two, which both immediately tried to deny. Pavitr joined them in going after Spot, berating him for stereotypical behavior and incorrect word usage. Spot soon located this reality's Alchemax and went inside to commandeer their super-collider.

Spot locked himself behind the force field, which the Spiders were unable to break through until Hobie Brown arrived to reinforce them and used the power of rock to break through. After expressing his delight at seeing various different Spider-People, Spot jumped into super-collider; the Spiders were unable to stop him. Spot then departed Pavitr's reality, but the explosion caused the section of the building to collapse onto the streets. The Spiders jumped in, with Pavitr and Miles clearing the civilians while Hobie and Gwen were trying to slow the falling debris. Pavitr noticed Gayatri in a falling bus and caught it with his webs, only to notice her father, Inspector Singh about to crushed by rubble while saving a child. Pavitr was unable to save both, but Miles jumped in to take care of Inspector Singh, thus disrupting Pavitr's Canon Event. In the end there were no civilian casualties, and the entire crowd applauded the four Spider-People while Pavitr was personally thanked by Inspector Singh. However, a dimensional disruption then began to grow and Jessica Drew arrived with a Spider-Team to contain it, ordering everyone except Pavitr to report to the HQ.

Joining the new Spider-Gang[]

Pavitr later joined Gwen's new Spider-Band to track down and rescue Miles, who had been stranded in the wrong universe.





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