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"Alright my name's Hobie, Hobie Brown. I was bitten by a- wouldn't you like to know, get what I mean? And for the last three years I've been the one and only- wait, wait, wait-wait-wait wait wait. You think I'm gonna show my secret identity? Come out of it. That is when I'm not playing shows, antagonising facists, staging unpermitted political action/performing art pieces. OR, having a laugh at the pub with the mandem. I'm not a role model, I was briefly a runway model. I hate the AM, I hate the PM, I hate labels, I'm not a hero, because calling yourself a hero makes you a self-mythologizing narcissistic autocrat!"
―Hobie Brown[src]

Hobart "Hobie" Brown also known as Spider-Punk, is a Spider-Men formerly affiliated with Miguel O'Hara's Spider-Society.


Early Life[]

Spider-Punk ATSV


Hobart Brown is a homeless "foul-mouthed" teenager living as a squatter on a canal boat, which serves as his headquarters. He was bitten by a radioactive spider, giving him spider-like powers and leading to him taking up the mantle of Spider-Man in his universe's Camden, New London.

As Spider-Man, he is a performer and an activist against the fascism and corrupt systems of his world. Hobie often includes his music and art as part of his activism.[1]

Joining the Spider-Society[]

Spider-Punk (London)

Spider-Punk gains fame as a superhero

"Listen to me, bruv. Whole point of being Spider-Man is your independence. Being your own boss. You don't need all this."

Despite his disdain for organised power and government, Hobie was recruited by Miguel O'Hara as part of the Spider-Society. With his time as part of the Spider-Society, he befriended Gwen Stacy and allowed her to temporarily reside in his universe and hang out with him. This friendship would also lead Hobie to befriend Pavitr Prabhakar, with the two becoming close friends. As a part of the Spider-Society he would go on missions with Gwen to capture anomalies, one of these missions resulting in the capture of a Prowler variant. Gwen would also end up joining his band at some point.[1]

Confronting the Spot[]

Spider-Punk first look

Spider-Punk assists Miles Morales

"What's up with your suit? Is he bleeding from his armpits?"
"Miles, Hobie. Hobie, Miles."
―Spider-Punk and Spider-Woman[src]

When Miles, Gwen and Pavitr were struggling to take down a barrier to get to the Spot, Hobie would be the one to come to the rescue, using his guitar to shatter the force field. Hobie would introduce himself to Miles and give him some advice on his venom powers as the group fought against the Spot while also telling Gwen she left her toothbrush and "jumper" at his place. Unfortunately, the group would fail to stop Spot and would helplessly watch as he absorbed the power of the Collider.

As the building began to collapse, Hobie, Miles, Pavitr and Gwen would attempt to stop the falling rubble and when that failed, they would save all the civilians in the path of the rubble. After Miles rescued Inspector Singh and Hobie and Pavitr rescued Gayatri the group of spiders would celebrate their victory alongside the citizens of Mumbattan. Their celebration is cut short by a hole opening in the ground, allegedly caused by a disrupted canon event. Jess and a team of spiders would arrive to contain the rift. Jess would order Gwen, Miles and Hobie to return to HQ to see Miguel. Although Hobie claimed he and Miles don't follow orders, he would reluctantly end up going back to HQ.[1]

Returning to the HQ[]

"How are you even cooler under your mask?"
"I was cool this whole time."
Spider-Man and Spider-Punk[src]

Upon arriving at HQ, Hobie would unmask himself in front of Miles who was in awe by how cool he looked. The elevator took them up to the main area of the HQ, with Hobie commenting that the massive hub was a bit much. He asked Gwen how much she had told Miles about the Society, just before Miles glitched out behind them. As they headed for Miguel's lab, Hobie would see Miles interact with a Prowler anomaly and commented that he caught that one himself. After running into Margo, Hobie, Miles and Gwen would watch as she sent a villain back home, Hobie commenting on the Go Home Machine's great name and how it was 'super humane and not creepy'.

Hobie canon events

Spider-Punk listens the argument

As the group pressed onwards, Hobie would begin to steal pieces from the lab while talking to Miles about his family as he attempted to sow seeds of doubt about joining the Society. When Miles asked him why he's here, Hobie would tell him he was just looking out for his drummer. As they arrived at Miguel's lab, Hobie would watch from the shadows as Miguel scolded Gwen and Miles for breaking the canon event as well as the arrival of Peter. As Miguel began to explain the canon to Miles, Hobie would egg Miles on after he protested against letting his father die. After Miguel imprisoned Miles, Hobie would be the only one to help Miles, reminding him to use his palms to break electric barriers, allowing Miles to escape. [1]


"Just for the record, I quit."
―Hobie Brown[src]
Gwen puts on her mask atsv

Brown was recruited by Stacy to help rescue Morales

As the Spider-People began to chase Miles, Hobie, confident that he could create another watch from the pieces he stole, removed his Gizmo and left through a portal to complete his project. Back home, Hobie constructed his own Dimensional Travel Watch from materials stolen at Miguel's lab and popped over to Gwen's Earth-65, leaving her one as well in case things didn't work out. Gwen later used this watch to recruit Hobie into her own Spider-Band with which she was going to track down and rescue Miles.[1]

Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse[]

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Powers and Abilities[]


  • Spider physiology: Hobart possesses the proportional physical capabilities of a spider, giving him enhanced strength, agility, reflexes as well as the abilities of a spider such as climbing walls and his Spider-Sense.
    • Superhuman strength: Hobart possesses the proportional strength of a spider, allowing him to battle with foes in combat that would otherwise overwhelm him. Hobart uses this strength alongside Gwen Stacy to lift up falling rubble during the collapse of Alchemax. Additionally, this strength also allows him to jump great distances and heights.
    • Superhuman speed: Hobart also possesses the proportional speed of a spider, making him able to run and move at speeds above the capabilities of a human athlete. Hobart is seen using his heightened speed when helping save the citizens of Mumbathan.
    • Superhuman agility: Hobart possesses enhanced agility that are far beyond the natural physical limits of an Olympic-level gymnast.
    • Superhuman durability: Hobart's body is far tougher and denser than a regular human as he can withstand falls from extreme heights, blunt force trauma, and superhuman blows with little damage.
    • Wall-crawling: Hobart possesses the ability to cling onto any surface using just his fingertips and feet.
    • Spider-Sense: When danger is present, Hobart experiences a buzzing sensation in his head as a sort of warning system, allowing him to react accordingly. His spider-sense offers him a near complete awareness of his surroundings that, in conjunction with his reflexes, allows him to instinctively dodge or counter nearly all attacks. His spider-sense also helps him recognize other individuals with spider-powers, making them have some sort of connection.


  • Gifted Intellect: Hobart has the intelligence to create his own version "gizmo", as he gifts Gwen his own dimension-hopping wrist watch which he created. He's also seen stealing parts from the Lobby, presumably in order to create the watch he would later give to Gwen.



  • Web-Shooters: Hobart is equipped with wrist-mounted web-shooters which he uses as Spider-Man to spin a strong, spider-like webbing. These Web-Shooters are activated by a wrist-mounted button in Hobart's hand. These webs are often used for swinging around high-rise, urban areas, but can also be used to hold structures in place or immobilize foes.
  • Electric guitar: Hobart, as a punk-rock musician, has a guitar which he uses as part of his Spider-Punk persona. This guitar can play frequencies strong enough to cause electronic equipment to malfunction, as well as blast people away.

Other Equipment[]

  • Spider-Punk Suit: Hobart has his own, punk-themed Spider-Man Suit that he uses in order to conceal his secret identity from the public. While still having the same red and blue colour scheme as the traditional Spider-Man suit, the patterns of Hobart's suit are a lot more scattered and chaotic, reflecting his anarchic personality. His lens are also inconsistently sized, and he has a mohawk of metal spikes protruding from his suit's head. He wears a black leather jacket, plaid pants and red boots with blue laces over this ensemble, with pins and spikes along the jacket.


  • In original 616 comic continuity, Hobart was the original Prowler.