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"You wear that badge because if you don’t, someone who shouldn’t will. This is my badge. I tried to do things the way you would, but I didn’t, now I’m completely on my own and I don’t know what to do."
―Gwen Stacy to George Stacy[src]

Gwendolyn Maxine "Gwen" Stacy[2] is a Visions Academy student who was bitten by a spider and became the one and only Spider-Woman of her universe.


Meeting Miles[]

"He's not the only one."
―Gwen Stacy[src]

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Further Life as Spider-Woman[]

Unable to talk to Miles or to travel to his universe, Gwen was still left on her own to deal with everything going on in both of her lives. About a year after her first interdimensional adventure, she blew up at others practice and quit the band. When she got back home, her father tried to talk to her about his job, but the topic led to the Spider-Woman case which upset Gwen. George then asked his daughter to hug her, but as she did he was called up to respond to a Vulture wreaking havoc at the Guggenheim Museum. Gwen followed the same call as Spider-Woman and webbed Captain Stacy and Yuri Watanabe to her dad's car. After taunting him and webbing his mouth, Spider-Woman rushed inside.

ATSV Gwen 001

Spider-Woman confronts Vulture

She called for Vulture, only to find that it was not the one from her world, but a different version from a Leonardo da Vinci reality who fell through a dimensional portal. She tried to subdue him, but Vulture was too strong and nearly got the best of her until another dimensional portal opened and another Spider-Man rushed through to join the fight. He introduced himself as Miguel O'Hara from another reality, but Gwen was fixated on his watch which she quickly deduced allowed him to easily travel between realities. O'Hara was also still angry at her for the incident at Kingpin's supercollider: instead of closing the hole in the Multiverse like they thought, they left it wide open for Anomalies like this Vulture to regularly cross through.

Vulture attacked again and proved a match for O'Hara as well, causing him to call for backup. A motorcycle-riding Spider-Woman arrived from another portal, immediately leaving an impression on Gwen. Captain Stacy led a group of cops inside, but Gwen webbed him up once again. The Vulture escaped through the roof, where Miguel took away his wings, but not before the Vulture downed a police helicopter. As it was about to crash on top of civilians which included her dad, Gwen in a split-second concocted a plan, made a web for the chopper to land onto, dodged its propeller blade and ropped up a web to slow its descent. Miguel and the new Spider-Woman joined in as well, getting the pilots out and stopping the falling chopper just in time.

Gwen earned their respect with this, but as she found herself out of web, Captain Stacy saw an opening, took Spider-Woman at gunpoint and ordered her to surrender. Gwen tried to reason with him, and Captain Stacy fired a warning shot in the air. Gwen then removed her mask and tried to explain herself, but George was caught up in the fact that his daughter had been lying to him for so long. He started reading her her Miranda right as Gwen approached a breakdown, but was disarmed and trapped in a force cage by Miguel. O'Hara threw the captured Vulture into a dimensional portal, and Spider-Woman asked him to take Gwen with them. After a brief consideration Miguel tossed Gwen a Dimensional Travel Watch, inviting her to come with him. Gwen shared a last looked at her dad before going through the portal.

Gwen joined Miguel's Spider Society based on Earth-928 and tasked with protecting the Multiverse from further disruptions. The Spider-Woman Jessica Drew became her mentor, and Gwen made friends among other Spiders such as Pavitr Prabhakar and Hobie Brown. As Gwen could not return home, she would sometimes crash in Hobie's apartment, where she kept a jumper and a toothbrush. She and Hobie did other twenty missions to other dimensions while hunting for Anomalies, including one in a Shakespeare dimension. She was also reunited with Peni and Peter B. Parker. They were however forbidden to visit Miles or his homeworld, as Miles himself was revealed to be the original Multiversal Anomaly who, despite not knowing it, was behind the current destabilization of the Multiverse.

Reunion with Miles[]

"Are these your drawings?"
―Gwen Stacy to Miles Morales[src]

Gwen reunites with Miles Morales

A few months after Gwen joined in, a new Anomaly was spotted that originated on Miles' home Earth-1610. Gwen took the case, but was forbidden from visiting Miles. Disobeying Jess and Miguel's order, she emerged right in Miles' bedroom and hugged him as soon as she could. She then invited him out, and the two went on swinging around the city, which Gwen used to plant a tracker outside her target's apartment. Gwen told Miles about the Spider Society and her new friends and adventures, but was unable to tell him the truth about his origin and had to lie about why he could not join. Miles eventually took Gwen to his favorite spot at the Williamsburgh Bank Building, where the two shared a tender moment. Gwen called Miles her only friend, but as he tried to make a move on her, she revealed that for other Gwen Stacys in the Multiverse dating Spider-Man had never ended well.

ATSV Empire Still (1)

Gwen and Miles share a moment together

They then went to the party at the rooftop of Miles' house, where Gwen was introduced to his parents Jeff and Rio. Her tracker then indicated activity at Spot's house and Gwen had to leave, saying an awkward goodbye to Miles. She arrived to the site too late, finding evidence of an explosion and the police already on the scene. Sneaking inside, she reviewed the tracker's footage and learned that Spot harnessed enough energy to jump into another reality. Noticing her failure, Jess pressed Gwen into confessing that she went to see Miles, escalating her situation even further. LYLA tracked Spot to Earth-50101 and Gwen went there to fix things, saying goodbye to Miles and promising never to visit him again.

Confronting Spot in Mumbattan[]

On Earth-50101 however she found that Miles had followed her while invisible. They met Pavitr who instantly sensed romantic tension between the two, and the threee of them engaged Spot together. Spot soon located this reality's Alchemax, went inside to commandeer their supercollider and locked himself behind the force field. Gwen, Pavitr and Miles were unable to break through until Hobie arrived to reinforce them and used the power of rock to break the shield. Gwen introduced Hobie and Miles, but the four of them were unable to stop the Spot from jumping into the supercollider.

Emerging far more powerful, Spot departed Earth-50101, as the explosion of the supercollider caused the section of the Alchemax Building to collapse onto the streets. The Spiders jumped in, with Pavitr and Miles clearing the civilians while Hobie and Gwen were trying to slow the falling debris. Gwen was informed by LYLA about an upcoming Canon Event involving Inspector Singh and attempted to stop Miles from saving him, but was unsuccessful. Miles jumped in and saved Inspector Singh, ending the incident with no civilian casualties. The entire crowd applauded the four Spider-People and Gwen admitted to Miles that she found him amazing, when a dimensional rift began to grow underneath them. Jess Drew arrived with a team of Spiders to contain it and ordered everyone except Pavitr to report to the HQ.


Canon Events Discussion

Gwen listens the Spider-Society argue about the Canon Events

Hobie, Miles and Gwen traveled to Spider Society HQ on Earth-928, and Gwen showed Miles around, while still keeping from him his role in what was playing out. They got to the office of Miguel, who erupted in anger at both of them. To explain to Miles what he had done, Miguel had LYLA show a holographic presentation explaining the Multiverse, the Web of Life and Destiny and Canon Events, revealing that deaths of Police Captain Stacy or similar figures could not be avoided without threatening the fabric of reality, something that applied to Gwen's father as well. Miles realized that his father was about to become Captain, and Miguel confirmed that Jeff was about to die in two days and Miles was not allowed to save him.

Chasing Miles Morales[]

Peter and Gwen tried to talk to Miles, but Miguel's harsh approach alienated him and caused him to run, with the entire Spider Society chasing after him. Gwen caught Miles by a web strand, but he angrily tore it apart, telling Gwen that she never should have come to see him. Eventually, Miguel caught up with Miles and revealed the truth about Miles' status as the original Anomaly, shattering Miles' faith in Gwen and Peter B. for keeping it from him. After saying goodbye to Gwen, Miles escaped and used the Spider Society's Go Home Machine to transport himself back to his home dimension. Unfortunately, it locked onto his spider's DNA and sent Miles to Earth-42 instead.

Banished by the Spider-Society[]

Gwendolyn Stacy 29 from Spider-Man Across the Spider-Verse 010

Spider-Man 2099 sends Gwen back home

With Miles gone, Gwen and Peter B. tried to talk to Miguel, but he exploded at Gwen and sent her home with the Go Home Machine as well, disabling her Dimensional Travel Watch and calling her friendship with Miles a liability. Back on Earth-65, Gwen went back to her apartment only to grab her only picture with Miles, but her father woke up and asked her to at least look at him. Gwen remarked that he looked skinny, and George asked where she had been, with Gwen sarcastically replying that she was out murdering all her friends. Her father then went into another room and Gwen went into a tirade about how her mask was the same as his badge and that she had to do the things she had to do, despite not knowing how. Midway through her speech, George revealed that he decided to quit the force, as his job and title held no meaning to him next to his daughter. He called her the best thing he had ever done, and Gwen embraced him in a warm hug. George then surprised Gwen by giving her a present that Hobie left with him earlier. It contained another Dimensional Travel Watch, and Gwen once again stepped through a portal into another universe, only this time promising her dad to come back home soon.

Speaking with Miles' Parents[]

Emerging on Earth-1610, Gwen surprised Ben Reilly who was watching Miles' home and send him away while destroying his watch. She got into Miles' room through a window. Not finding him there, her Spider-Sense told her that he was trapped in another universe. Hearing the conversation between Miles' parents outside, she revealed herself to them, telling that Miles going missing was not their fault as parents, but hers.

Assembling a team[]

Gwen puts on her mask atsv

Gwen prepares to find Miles

She promised to find him and used Hobie's watch to assemble a team of her own, starting with Peter B. Parker and his daughter Mayday. Also recruiting Hobie, Pavitr, Peni Parker, Spider-Ham, Spider-Man Noir and Spider-Byte, Gwen took them on a mission to find and rescue their friend.


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Powers and Abilities[]

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