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Peter's Apartment Art

Concept art of Stan's apartment

Stan's apartment is an apartment located in Haven Apartments. The player can go to this apartment for various things in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man. It is obviously owned by Stan, Peter Parker's aunt's friend, but Peter resides there for the time he spends in Manhattan.



When the player wants to leave Stan's apartment, they can exit through the window. Upon activating the window, Spider-Man will web-zip to it and crouch on the sill. After completing the game's main story, they can choose which time of day they'd like to exit in; day, night, dawn, dusk, ashen or overcast.


This wardrobe is the holder of all of Spider-Man's costumes. When accessing it, the player will see all the suits (including the Party Hat above the other suits) they've unlocked so far. They can highlight over each suit and choose whichever they like to wear. Once one is chosen, the loading screen will appear and then Spider-Man will be wearing that certain skin. The Party Hat can be worn over any costume, but the player can't highlight over it. They must simply press another button to equip it.


This area, first, is where Dr. Curt Connors is trying to find a cure for the infection spread by Dr. Alistair Smythe. Then, it becomes the area Gwen Stacy resides in. During the time either of the two spend there, the player has the option to make Spider-Man "talk" to them. This closes the camera up to the person the player has chosen to talk to, and the person makes a small comment about current events. They and Spider-Man do not literally have a conversation when this option is selected.

Bulletin Board[]

This area is where the player can view all levels they've played, their percent score on each level, and how many collectibles the player's found on each level. They can even replay levels.