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The symbiotes are extraterrestrial parasitic lifeforms that bond to other beings known as hosts, creating a symbiotic bond between them.




Richard Parker created the symbiotic goo as a possible cure for any injury or disease. Oscorp currently still stores it a lab or chamber underneath the company. When Norman Osborn got a hold of it, he used the Symbiote to create bio weapons.

Special Projects[]

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Alternate Universes[]

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Video Game Continuity[]

The Amazing Spider-Man[]

In the Scorpion's biography it was mentioned that, along with the blend of human and scorpion DNA, a black substance from space was added into the creature that would become the Scorpion. This black substance bears a resemblance to the Symbiote.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2[]

While not making an appearance "Project Venom" is mentioned in Ravencroft Institute as a drug to test on prisoners, it's possible that they had duplicated and used the same black substance that was injected into the now dead Scorpion. One particular usage of the Venom drug resulted in the creation of Carnage.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (Mobile Game)[]

When Eddie Brock had discovered that OsCorp were giving weapons to gangs, they captured him and used him in one of their experiments, thus turning him into Venom. Venom faces off with Spider-Man but is eventually defeated. He reveals to Spider-Man what had happened.


  • In other Spider-Man media, this certain symbiote is named Venom, and is known for having once bonded to Spider-Man as a new black costume and amplifying his powers, but realizing the negative mental affect it had on him lead to him forcefully removing it from himself. However, at the cathedral he used the bell to remove it, due to it's weakness to loud noise, the vengeful symbiote had a chance encounter with Eddie Brock, a rival reporter to Peter Parker, and due to their shared hatred of both of the hero's personas, bonded to become a supervillain christening themselves Venom (the reasoning being due to the symbiote's absorption of Spider-Man's powers and both having his memories, he held a significant advantage over him compared to other villains, thus being "poison to both Peter Parker and Spider-Man"). However, due to unsuccessful battles, Spider-Man and Venom settled on a uneasy truce and Brock/Venom sought to instead outdo Spider-Man by becoming a crime fighter as well. Eventually, Brock would be forcefully separated with the symbiote, which would have bonded to Mac Gargan, formerly Scorpion, becoming a villain again. Gargan would soon be apprehended by the government and separated from the symbiote as well, with Flash Thompson enlisted by the government with a controlled bond to it, becoming Agent Venom.
  • A film featuring Venom, which had been considered since 1995 to 2007, was slated for development in 2013 and would have tied into The Amazing Spider-Man films. Reports varied from featuring the Eddie Brock incarnation to the Flash Thompson incarnation, with Finn Wittrock as top choice for the former, while Chris Zylka was more than willing to do the latter. Other alleged plans were to have the story emphasize Venom/Brock's staunch differences from Spider-Man/Peter Parker, showing Venom's lethal and brutal approach to fighting crime as opposed to Spider-Man's civil methods, in addition to having Carnage, Venom's bloodthirsty offspring bonded to homicidal convict Cletus Kasady, as the antagonist, with Alan Tudyk suggested for the role. It would undoubtedly included the Venom and Carnage symbiotes throughout the film. Other plans indicated Carnage receiving his own film as a sequel to the Venom film, with him as the viewpoint character while pitting him against Spider-Man, Venom, and Black Cat.
  • It seems that the Amazing Spider-Man Franchise plan to follow the Ultimate Spider-Man comic, where symbiotes were created by Dr. Richard Parker instead of coming from an alien planet.