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Task Force riding Goblin Glider attacking Spider-Man

The Enhanced Crime Task Force is a private police force comprised of ex-criminals, established and backed by Harry Osborn and Wilson Fisk. Their goal is to aid the New York City Police Department in patrolling the city and dealing with the gang war. They are also tasked with capturing Spider-Man if he is labeled a Menace. The Task Force uses Oscorp technology such as the Goblin Glider.


The Task Force made their debut in The Amazing Spider-Man 2 in which Wilson Fisk announced that they will 'prevent crime' in Manhattan, including the ''web slinger''. Later on in the game, it is revealed that the Task Force are working with common street thugs, who were working with a rising crime lord called the Kingpin. Harry transforms into the Green Goblin towards the end of the game. He frees several inmates from Ravencroft Institute, supplies them with Task Force equipment and orders them to plant bombs around the city to draw out Spider-Man. The Goblin is ultimately defeated and Fisk plans to continue funding the Task Force.