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The Black Cat
Film information
Directed by

Rupert Wyatt

Screenplay by

Lisa Joy (screenplay & story)
Ashley Edward Miller
Zack Stenz
Jane Goldman
Lizzie Baumgartner
Hannah Minghalla (story)
Rachel O'Conner (story)

Produced by

Matthew Tolmach
Avi Arad
Simon Kinberg
Marc Webb
Lisa Joy
Amy Pascal
Jonathan Nolan
Hannah Minghella
Rachel O'Conner

Preceded by

The Sinister Six

Succeeded by


The Black Cat (alternatively titled Amazing Spider-Man Presents: Black Cat) is a canceled superhero film starring the antiheroine of the same name. It was to be directed by Rupert Wyatt and written by Ashley Miller & Zack Stenz and Jane Goldman from a story by Lisa Joy.




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Production History[]

On December 12, 2013, Sony issued a press release through the viral site Electro Arrives announcing that two films were in development, with Alex Kurtzman, Roberto Orci and Ed Solomon writing a spin-off to The Amazing Spider-Man focused on Venom (with Kurtzman attached to direct) and Drew Goddard writing one focused on the villain team Sinister Six with an eye to direct. Hannah Minghella and Rachel O'Connor would oversee the development and production of these films for the studio following the release of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


  • Ashley Edward Miller, Zack Stenz, and Jane Goldman all previously worked together on two other Marvel movies, X-Men: First Class and Thor, both released in 2011.
  • Many other candidates for directors, namely Josh Trank, Thor Freudenthal, Alex Garland, Christopher McQuarrie, Sam Mendes, Jason Reitman, Greta Gerwing, Andy Muschietti, Matthew Vaughn, Jon Turteltaub, Joseph McGinnity Nichol, Len Wiseman, Stephen Sommers, and Louis Leterrier were considered, with Garland, Reitman, Gerwing, Leterrier, and Wiseman as runner-ups to Rupert Wyatt.
  • Lisa Joy, Rupert Wyatt, Marc Webb, and Jane Goldman, had all wanted The Black Cat to open up with Felicia's childhood, continuing on the tradition of each movie since the first film opening in the past. This would have included times were her mother couldn't make time for her a young child, her troubled experiences in high school and college, namely involving an abusive boyfriend she'd known since middle school named Corey Andrews, and an altercation with him that would lead with him attempting to rape her, to how her father was blackmailed into serving as a fixer and assassin for OsCorp Industries.
  • Screenwriters Lizzie Baumgartner and Jane Goldman consulted with Marc Webb on early 2000s teen drama songs to include in the soundtrack. Synthwave trio PRIZM were also hired to collaborate with composer Benjamin Wallfisch to provide original songs for the movie.
  • Joy and Wyatt and Goldman had expressed a desire for there to be a love triangle between Felicia, Peter, and Harry, with Felicia conflicted over which man she had the most feelings for. Joy and Goldman also hoped to include at least one sex scene between Spider-Man and Black Cat upon a rooftop after a chase sequence during her second or third robbery in the movie.
  • Lonnie T. Lincoln AKA Tombstone was intended to be the main villain of the film, with Denzel Washington intended to play him, alongside Robbie Robertson, who would also play a bigger role than in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 and The Sinister Six. The intention would be the Robbie and Lonnie were originally twin brothers from Harlem who had a troubled youth, much like Felicia. A certain heist at a chemical plant ended with Lonnie disfigured from a chemical accident and Robbie disowning him due to hating himself for his criminal deeds. The disfigured Lonnie, now with bleached white skin with enhanced durability, would later become the most feared mobster in New York city's underworld, dubbing himself Tombstone due to his appearance and seemingly immovable demeanor and strength. It would be revealed that he helped back Norman Osborn's treasonous war profiteering financially, even helping to instigate the incidents that would turn Otto Octavius and Adrian Toomes into Doctor Octopus and The Vulture, in addition to roping Quentin Beck into certain jobs due to gambling debts.