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The Daily Bugle is New York's #1 news source since the 1960s. They have reported many important events, making them very famous around New York and other states. Their newspapers appear in the film The Amazing Spider-Man and the game of the same name, including their headquarters.


J. Jonah Jameson founded the Daily Bugle in 1962 and has been chief newspaper editor ever since. In recent events, the Daily Bugle is skeptical about Spider-Man; "Hero or vigilante?". They have their own news channel, Daily Bugle News, where they can talk about current events over television.

They have been following Spider-Man and his journey to stop the cross-species virus, along with Oscorp and their former scientists, Alistaire Smythe and Curt Connors.


  • In some newspaper stands across Manhattan in the video game, the player can see the Bugle's newspaper headlining "MOVIE OF THE YEAR", along with a real-life picture of Spider-Man from the film. This is not canon toward the movie or game and thus serves as an easter egg.
  • In one of Whitney Chang's photo missions in the video game, Spider-Man must take a picture of strange scratchings cross the Daily Bugle building's door. The markings reference Man-Wolf, a villain in other Spider-Man media. This is another easter egg, as the Man-Wolf's identity is John Jameson, J. Jonah Jameson's son (that is why is markings are specifically on the Bugle's building). However, in the Amazing universe, it is unknown if John Jameson is Man-Wolf, or if he even exists, but this is unlikely.