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"The Thrill of the Hunt" is the fourth chapter in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man.


Part 1[]

"Connors needs one more element to complete the serum - a DNA sample from one of the cross-species that broke loose from Oscorp Tower. Piece of cake, Spidey!"

Part 2[]

"Spider-Man learned that cross-species like to hang out in the sewers, so he's going underground to catch one! This is gonna be the smelliest adventure Spidey's ever had."




  • Infected Strikers
  • Infected Heavies
  • Vermin



Part 1 - Going Underground[]

Spider-Man proceeds to the sewers under Manhattan in search for DNA from the rat-cross-species he saw earlier, Vermin. He first spots Vermin after opening a large door after a giant gap of water, which Spider-Man quickly jumps over. However, the Vermin has already escaped the area. Spider-Man then continue making witty remarks as he furthers himself through the foul-smelling hallways, avoiding goo and beating down other minor Infected. Eventually, close to the end of the tunnels, Spider-Man finds Vermin.

Part 2 - Collecting DNA[]

To Be Added