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The Sony's Spider-Man Universe, formerly known as the Sony Pictures Universe of Marvel Characters, is a shared universe and media franchise created by Sony Pictures Entertainment, set primarily in the reality unofficially designated as Earth-120703 and Earth-TRN688 within Marvel Database's multiverse system. The films are based off both supporting characters and villains associated with Spider-Man and are interconnected to each other. Starting with Venom, the universe is comprised mainly of superhero films independently made by Sony Pictures Entertainment, that are always set within this same universe, much like Marvel has done with their comics as well as their films in the concurrent Marvel Cinematic Universe. The franchise also includes the yule log videos like Venom: Official Yule Log and Venom: Let There Be Carnage - Holiday Yule Log. Series of tie-in Comics, released as promotional material to the films, all set within the same reality. However, some of them, especially the yule log videos, do not match the events featured in other products following their release and are classified as non-canonical in this universe.


  1. The Amazing Spider-Man (2012)
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014)
  3. The Sinister Six (2016) (Cancelled)
  4. Venom (2018)
  5. Venom: Let There Be Carnage (2021)
  6. Morbius (2022)
  7. Kraven the Hunter (2023)
  8. Madame Web (2024)
  9. The Amazing Spider-Man 3 (2024)
  10. Black Cat (TBA) (unreleased/development)
  11. Silver Sable (TBA) (unreleased/development)
  12. Nightwatch (TBA) (unreleased/development)
  13. Jackpot (TBA) (unreleased/development)
  14. Venom 3 (TBA) (unreleased/development)
  15. Dusk (TBA) (unreleased/development)
  16. Silk (TBA) (unreleased/development, Starring Jung Ho-yeon)
  17. Sandman (TBA) (unreleased/development, Starring John Cena)
  18. Spider-Woman (TBA) (unreleased/development, Starring Angelina Jolie)
  19. Spider-Girl (TBA) (unreleased/development, Starring Emmy Rossum)