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Thugs are various criminals and serve as minor antagonists for Spider-Man in the video game The Amazing Spider-Man. They are classified into five types in the game.


Street Thug[]

The Street Thug is the weakest type of Thug, with their fists as their only weapons. The player can easily take these Thugs down, but they are great for distractions. These men wear no armor but can sure hold their own in a fight.

Street Slasher[]

Slashers are very skilled with knives; they either use swift, silent strikes or attack from head on. If Spider-Man can dodge these blades, he will be able to make quick work of these Slashers. They don't wear much armor, if not none, but are very durable.

Urban Commandos[]

Commandos are heavily armed and are basically Felicia Hardy's second-in-command when she sets up a heist at St. Gabriel's Bank. They fight with their fists, but they pack a strong punch. Spider-Man must flip over and around these Commandos in order to overcome them.