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I am a big fan of Marvel and of course I love Spider-Man. Not as much as I love X-Men but it is up there. I am the new admin around here. I hope I can make changes around here that suit everyone and stay similar to my other wikis.

This movie was great, I loved it. Andrew Garfield was a great Peter Parker/Spider-Man. I like this series better than the original trilogy. I think it was good to reboot the series as I feel would have gotten worse. 

What I hope will happen[]

I hope we see the death of Gwen Stacy on the Brooklyn Bridge by the hands of the Green Goblin just like in the comic The Night Gwen Stacy Died. I also hope we see Mary Jane come in and to more like her comic book personality, I didn't like her that much in the original trilogy.

Video Game[]

I like the look of it. Movie games do seem to be the worst category of video games which is a shame, but this game sounds alright. When I have time, I will defiantly buy it. Then I would be able to add more about the video game here.