Ok. The villain in The Amazing Spider-Man 3 will most likely be VUlture. So the question will Marc Webb protray him?

Vulture redesign
Here is MY idea.

Adrian Toomes was a man who worked along side Norman Osborn when the two were young. Toomes was obsessed with birds and wanted to fly like them. He made blueprints for a pair of wing that can make you fly! 

Norman stole his idea. And made his own flight wings and took all the credit. Toomes was furious and vowed revenge!

Years later after he found out that Norman "died" and that Harry ahd taken over the company,he made a huge wing suit and went to New York to take revenge on Harry! 

Spider-Man saved Harry because he is still his friend and fights Toomes. Spidey calls him an      "Old Vulture" but Toomes likes the name and     re-names himself  "The Vulture"

Spidey manages to defeat him by ripping his wings off and webbing him in a snare. Spidey took him to Ravencroft.

Vulture managed to make new wings out of junk he found in Ravengroft and escaped. He still tried to attack Harry but Harry turns into the Green Gobin.

Vulture and Green Goblin fight in the Osborn Mansion until Spider Man shows up and tries to break up the fight. Vulture attacks Spidey and takes him up in the air 500 feet! Vulture breaks Spidey's Web-Shooters and Spidey rips off his wings.The two battle wile falling. Vulture almost kills Spider-Man but Spidey manages to latch on to the Satue of Libery! The Vulture was not so lucky. He fell into the deep merky sea.

Spidey thinks he is dead. But an Oscorp boat finds his body and keeps him under lock-down. 

The Vulture returns in The Sinister Six.

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