Okay, if you haven't seen The Amazing Spider-Man's after credit scene, you should probably go away. If you dont care about spoilers, then welcome.

Anyway, I wanted to ask you guys who you think the "man in the shadows" was that Connors saw in his cell after the movie's credits?

So many people have been saying it's Norman Osborn, but Rhys Ifans (the person playing Connors in the movie) has said it's not. Is he lying? If so, how did Osborn get into and out of the cell without guards knowing?

It's also been speculated that the man is Mysterio, and he got in and out of the cell by his magic.

Or is it Electro? During that scene, lightning struck, possibly indicating it IS Electro? He could have traveled by that lightning to get into and out of the cell.

People have also said it's Morbius, the Living Vampire. And how did he get in and out? Vampire powers? Lol.

But maybe it's all in Connors' head? Maybe he's hallucinating after going "insane" from the Lizard incident?

Maybe it's none of these guys and it's someone completely different? What do you guys think?

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