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Hi!This is my first blog post and I want to tell you all what I think might happen during the Amazing Spider Man 2!


The movie starts with Spidey swinging into a cafe.Nick Fury shows up and asks him to join the Avengers.Spider Man says no because he likes fighting crime by himself.

Spidey fights Rhino which ends up in a result Rhino beating Spidey Hard.Aunt May starts to get very cross at him because Peter says some people at school have been punching him when Aunt May sees Peter with lots of bruises.Meanwhile, Norman Osborn watches footage of Spidey fighting his servant,Rhino.Norman is very pleased to see that Rhino did not fail.

Spidey realises that hes not ready to be a big solo hero and goes to find Nick Fury until he gets attacked Rhino again.This time Spidey escapes just in time.When Spidey sees the SHIELD helicarrier he shoots a web at it and starts to sore up to it until the web breaks and he starts to fall.He tries to shoot webs again but his web shooters are broke.Rhino returns and hits Spidey and Spidey goes flying into the SHIELD Helicarrier.He gets atttacked by SHIELD soldiers thinking that he is a villain.Nick tells the SHIELD soldiers that Spidey is not an enemy.

Spidey meets his teamates, Nova,Power Man,Iron Fist and White Tiger.Meanwhile,Norman gets very angry at Rhino because Rhino didn't complete task 2(which is get Spidey's blood so he can create an army of evil Spider Men).Norman hires Doc Ock and Electro do his job.

Spidey and his team are hanging out in a cafe until Electro attacks.Power Man defeats Electro.The team spot amysterious man hidden.When they get up to him,Doc Ock attacks knocking Spidey's Team out.The mysterious man is revealed to be Mysterio.With one final slash,Spidey gets knocked out...

Spidey wakes up in Doc Ock's lab.Doc Ock reveals that he is not working for Norman and that he just wants to kill Spidey for himself.Doc Ock sees Spidey's web shooters and decides to look on them.He fixes them and tests them out but instead of normal webs coming out,Electro Webs come out!When Doc Ock falls to the floor,he headbutts a button which unlocks the locks on Spidey.Spidey escapes the base with his web shooters.

The base blows up leaving Doc Ock dead(or not).

The Final BattleEdit

After escaping the base, Spidey finds out Norman's main plan and faces Mysterio and Rhino on the Daily Bugle roof top.Spidey gets beat and falls of the Daily Bugle building!Suddenly,Nova comes to save him.Iron Fist and Power Man kill Rhino while White Tiger and Nova face off against Mysterio.Spidey escapes the battle and heads to the SHIELD Helicarrier where he learns from Nick Fury that Norman has set of a bomb which will destroy the world.

Spidey arrives at his school.He runs into school with his spider man costume off.He gets attacked by Doc Ock and Electro.Nick Fury and his men attack Doc Ock and Electro.Spidey runs off and puts on his spider man costume.He hears a strange noise and heads into the gym.

Norman Osborn is there with a giant bomb hung to the roof.Spidey attacks Norman until an army of Spider Slayers show up trying to kill Spidey.Spidey fights them one after another.While fighting the 8th one Spidey gets knocked out because he is so tired.

Nick Fury comes in and saves Spidey from the bomb.Spidey awakes outside the school.Spidey runs back into the building where its full of smoke.Spidey destroys the Spider Slayers and defeats Norman Osborn.The bomb sets of but Nick Futy puts in a strange needle which makes the bomb refix everything.

The movies finishes with Norman in his office looking at his Green Goblin costume..