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Venom is a symbiote created by Richard Parker.[1]

Venom Storage 7-U and Dr

Venom is stored in Special Projects


Richard Parker's Experiments[]

The Venom Symbiote was experimented on by Dr. Richard Parker for healing purposes. He was stored in Oscorp Industries' Special Projects.

Special Projects Division[]

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  • Similar to the previous Spider-Man 3 as part of Sam Raimi's previous trilogy, The Amazing Spider-Man 3 was confirmed to include the Venom Symbiote which would bond to Spider-Man to give him his iconic black costume, with intentions to have him separate from it However, unlike Raimi, who was notably reluctant to include Venom due to personal dislike of the character over what he perceived as a "lack of humanity" and only did so at the behest of Avi Arad, Marc Webb was a big fan of Venom and eager to incorporate him into the Amazing Spider-Man saga. Webb stated in lengthy detail in an interview "With all due respect to Sam, I adore Venom and immediately had my hand up in a heartbeat when talk of including him popped up in meetings. While I wasn't all in on Gwen's death in the second one, I at the same time realized it was the ideal circumstance to introduce the symbiote to our version of Spidey. Peter's obviously in a dark place in his life following Gwen's death, and we had to gloss over that, against my own wishes might I add, at the end of Amazing 2 because Avi had all his hopes hinging on the Sinister Six movie they've been hellbent on getting on the conveyor belt and wanted to set that up on the double. Meanwhile, me, Alex, Roberto, and even James were all talking about how we wanted to tackle the Black Suit story, given that Sam and his crew did it so beautifully. The question was 'How do we top that? What do we do that Sam didn't?'. Because even though Tobey's Spidey had an arc based in vengeance on Sandman once he found out the truth about how Uncle Ben dies, I think the memes speak for themselves when you talk about the defining aspect of his time bonded to the symbiote. He turns into a douche. He becomes some oily and smug "too cool for school" poser that you can't take all that seriously. I wanted to do the complete opposite. My Peter's at his absolute lowest point. He's thoroughly depressed, he's unbelievably pissed, and since the symbiote is attracted to such powerful emotions, that's obviously what draws him to it. Peter needs a rock. And while Shaliene as Mary Jane was supposed to be one half of that, Gwen's death is still incredibly fresh and raw in his mind. And the black suit, as we all know, makes him stronger by preying on that, so it slowly becomes his jagged and caustic rock. He's got some serious shit on his plate he needs off, and this new suit, that he doesn't exactly appreciate is this living thing, this alien with it's own aims and needs, he just knows he's angry and wants to let that all out and hard. I want this to be when people start being afraid of Spider-Man. He starts stopping crimes by breaking bones and drawing blood. He's starting to patrol exclusively at night where he blends in, and he's bordering on bloodthirsty. I wanted to revisit the grimmer tone we went for in the first movie. Cuz we see what happens when Peter's in a bad place, he gets sorta scary. Predatory. Just a wee bit sadistic. And with the symbiote nudging him in all the wrong directions, we see what that's like tenfold. The end result'd be someone I wouldn't wanna fuck with."
  • There was also an easter egg of Venom in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.



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