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Web-Shooters are the technology used by Peter Parker during his exploits as Spider-Man. They were created by Peter Parker, in order to further advance his spider-like abilities. Spider-Man uses the shooters for various purposes, such as deactivating multiple devices, immobilizing opposing enemies and even traveling through New York by swinging from building to building.

First Design[]

Peter came across the webbing technology that he was going to use as Spider-Man when he entered the "Biocable Development Unit" in Oscorp Tower, where he was also granted his spider like-powers.

Following the death of his uncle at the hands of a criminal, Peter became thirsty for revenge and, realizing that he needed to keep his identity secret to stay safe, began thinking of a way to travel quickly through the city in order to confront suspects, take his revenge, and escape easily, if need be. With this in mind, he purchased a box of 24 of the bio-cable storage devices from Oscorp and managed to apply them to his needs by putting them inside of his self-invented web-shooters, which he created from old watches. They featured a small web cartridge for him to hold and reload his webs. The web-shooters appeared circular, with short tubes emerging from the front for webs to exit. When activated, the cartridge flashed a small red light as it fired a bio-cable.

Peter first tested the web-shooters by jumping off a building. After finding that he could swing easily from them, and that he had been successful in his design, he painted the web-shooters to match the costume that he had made, notably confronting and apprehending many suspects using them as his primary weapon. The people of New York would dub him "Spider-Man", unsure about his role as a vigilante. His endeavors resulted in severe dislike from the New York Police Department, as well as several members of the public.

Becoming a hero[]

Parker wore the web-shooters when he had dinner with the Stacy family. In a quiet moment with Gwen, Parker tried to tell her the truth about his role as Spider-Man, but was too anxious. Gwen began walking away, so Peter fired a web at her and pulled her face to face with him. Gwen realized that he was Spider-Man and the two shared a kiss. However, they heard screams in the distance, and Parker used his web-shooters to swing away and see what had happened.

Peter swung onto the top railings of a bridge and saw an enormous green creature which had seemingly appeared out of nowhere. Parker pulled off his clothes to revea Parker found that the creature had thrown several cars towards the river, but he managed to web them up to the rails on the bridge. Before he could continue his chase of the creature, however, he heard screams for help from a man further away on the bridge. Parker decided to help the man and let the creature retreat.

Parker found the man panicking as his son was trapped in a car dangling over the water. He decided to swing down to the car, and encouraged the kid, whose name was Jack, to climb up the car towards him. However, his web could not hold to car and it began to plummet. In desperation, Parker fired another web, which just latched onto the boy before he fell. Breathing a sigh of relief, Parker swung himself and the kid back onto the bridge. After the man had expressed his thanks, Parker swung away from the scene.

Sewer fight[]

Parker eventually realized that the creature he had fought, dubbed "The Lizard" by the media, was in fact his new mentor, Dr. Curt Connors. Though Parker tried to warn the police, George Stacy's dislike of Peter and fondness of Connors led to him believing that Peter was merely making it up. Desperate to prove the danger that Connors now proved to be, Parker descended into the sewer that he seen the creature retreat into. He webbed up his camera to the top of a large pipe, then proceeded to use his Web-Shooters to make a large hammock for him to lie on, biding his time. Eventually, Peter saw several lizards crawling onto his hammock and realized that the Lizard had arrived. As he looked around desperately for his foe, Parker was attacked from above by the creature. The two plunged into the sewer water. Parker tried to fire a web, but realized it was useless underwater. Severely wounded, he managed to escape and swung to the Stacy's house, where Gwen treated the cut he received in the fight.

High school battle[]

The Lizard soon discovered that Peter was Spider-Man through the camera that was left behind from their sewer fight. Enraged, he decided to attack Peter's high school to prevent him from intervening again. Peter used his web-shooters to retrieve his bag just as Connors threw him into a wall. Peter donned his costume to fight Connors and managed to web him up, with some assistance from Gwen, before he threw her out of the window and lowered her into the school grounds with a web to ensure her safety. The Lizard managed to free himself, and the two burst into the library as they traded blows, with Peter being forced to use his web to save the elderly librarian. This gave Connors an opportunity to escape just as the police arrived.
Though Spider-Man escaped the police just in time, they began a man-hunt to find him and put him behind bars.

Second Design[]

Following the originals' destruction, Peter re-created the web-shooters and his costume. The new web-shooters were in the form of a 3-dimensional hexagonal shape and plain red in color to match his new suit. Following the emergence of Electro, Parker tried to find a way to make them conductive of electricity. The web-shooters were later modified with Gwen Stacy's assistance, proving useful in defending himself when he encountered Electro again. Peter also incorporated an MP3 player into his web-shooters so he could listen to music while swinging through the streets of New York.


The Amazing Spider-Man (video game)[]

Spider-Man's web-shooters do not light up and are only visible on his original suit.


  • Peter's original intent for the shooters' designs was different from what they look like now.


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