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Web-Shooters are the technology used by Peter Parker during his exploits as Spider-Man. They were created to enhance his spider-like abilities. Spider-Man uses the shooters for various purposes, such as immobilizing enemies, listening to music, and traveling through New York by swinging from buildings.

Bio-Cable Technology[]

"Engineered from genetically enhanced spiders, Oscorp's bio-cable tensile strength is unparalleled. We're just beginning to understand all the potential industrial applications. A single pellet can store several hundred metres of the light weight cable."

- An Oscorp advertisement.[src]

Oscorp's bio-cable was stored in miniature silver pellets.

At some point in time, Oscorp Industries began using Richard Parker's genetically-enhanced spiders to produce a bio-cable: a substance resembling spider silk that was exceptional in strength and extremely light weight. A few hundred metres of the cable could be stored in a small silver pellet. Oscorp was looking to apply the cable to various industries.

While investigating his father at Oscorp, Peter Parker broke into a lab containing several of the genetically advanced spiders, and also came across several bio-cable pellets. Parker was bitten by one of the spiders, and soon gained several abilities, such as super speed, strength, durability, increased metabolism, and a sixth sense.

First Design[]

After the death of his Uncle, Peter Parker decided to use the abilities he had recieved from the spider bite to get revenge against his Uncle's killer.

Peter constructs a web-shooter.

He managed to obtain a box of Oscorp's bio-cable and decided to use it to facilitate his exploits. Parker created two web-shooters from the parts of old watches and ran several experiments with them and the bio-cable. After creating a successful design, Peter tested them by using them to swing from a building.

The web-shooters were circular and had bio-cable pellets attached to their ends, as well as a spinneret to thread the cable as it exited the web-shooter. When a web was fired, they would flash red. They were silver in color and had black leather straps attached so that Peter could wear them on his wrists.

After he had constructed both web-shooters, Peter wore them inconspicuously on his wrists at all times.

Vigilante Weapons[]

"Extraordinary velocity vector is a function of both mass and momentum."

"Oh, come on, you know better than anyone, that the weight on any pendulum has no effect on speed."

"It doesn't affect frequency, but it's totally a factor in momentum."

-Two students discussing Spider-Man's swinging.[src]

Spider-Man uses the web-shooters to swing through New York City.

In his search for the killer, Peter used the web-shooters to swing from a helicopter to confront one suspect, and later to tie a suspect to the roof of the New York Police Station and swing to his room. Peter soon painted the web-shooters red and blue to match his costume.

Confrontation with the Car Thief[]

"What the hell is this???"

"Webbing that I developed myself, I don't think you really want to know right now..."

-Car Thief and Spider-Man.[src]

Spider-Man confronts the Car Thief.

One night, Peter confronted another suspect, a car thief. Peter used his web-shooters to pin the thief to a wall and had some fun shooting webs at the thief's crotch, arms and stomach, before firing a web at his mouth to silence him. After being confronted by the police, Peter used the web-shooters to escape, swinging away from the scene back to his house.

Dinner with the Stacys[]

Peter uses his web-shooters to reveal his alter-ego to Gwen Stacy.

Peter wore the web-shooters at Gwen Stacy's house as he had dinner with her family. He later used them to pull Gwen towards him and kiss her, and then to swing away from their house to witness a commotion on a bridge.

Bridge Fight[]


-Spider-Man confronts the Lizard.[src]

Spider-Man saves several people on the bridge.

Spider-Man uses his web-shooters to save Jack.

Peter arrived at the bridge to see the Lizard throwing several cars off a bridge. Using his web-shooters, he swung into action to web the cars up to the bridge's sides and save the people trapped in their cars. When the Lizard threw Rajit Ratha's car off the bridge, Peter swung towards him to knock him down, then fired a web to catch Ratha's car. tying it to the bridge's railing. As the Lizard escaped, Peter used his web-shooters to save a boy named Jack who was trapped in a car, before swinging away from the bridge.

Sewer Confrontation[]

Spider-Man learns his web-shooters are useles under water.

Spider-Man used his web-shooters to web his camera to a sewer pipe and to create a large web for him to lie on as he waited for the Lizard. When the Lizard attacked him, they both fell into the sewer water. Spider-Man tried to fire his webs, but found that his web-shooters didn’t work properly under the water. Eventually he managed to escape the sewer.

School Fight[]

Spider-Man temporarily traps the Lizard using his web-shooters.

When the Lizard learned Spider-Man's identity, he attacked Peter Parker at Midtown High School. Peter used his web-shooters to grab his bag, just as the Lizard threw him into a wall. After donning his costume, Peter used his web-shooters to try and trap the Lizard, eventually succeeding with Gwen Stacy's assistance. Peter then threw Gwen out of a window, catching her with a web, to keep her safe from the Lizard, just as he broke free from his webbing restraints. Peter was forced to use his webs to catch a table just before it hit the elderly librarian, allowing the Lizard to escape once more.

Swinging to Oscorp[]

Having discovered the Lizard's plan, Spider-Man used his web-shooters to swing to Oscorp Tower to try and stop him, with the police on his tail. Spider-Man was eventually captured by the police, but Captain Stacy learned of his identity and decided to let him go. Spider-Man swung away, but not before a police officer shot him in the leg. The injury caused Spider-Man to fall onto a building and release his web with the sudden wound.

Spider-Man swings from cranes.

Climbing onto another building, Peter used his web-shooter to spray some webbing onto his injury as he prepared to run off the building and swing; however, his aim faltered, and he fell before a crane caught him. Peter saw Jack's father operating the crane and realised that they had positioned the cranes for him to swing from. Peter swung from crane to crane with ease, soon arriving at Oscorp Tower, where the Lizard was executing his plan to transform the city. Spider-Man used his webs to propel himself to the top of the building and confront the Lizard a final time.

Battle Of Oscorp Tower[]

Spider-Man's web-shooters are crushed by the Lizard.

Spider-Man swung towards the Lizard, knocking him down to the roof of the Tower. The two begun a ferocious battle, with Spider-Man using his web-shooters several times to evade and anger the Lizard. Eventually, the Lizard grabbed hold of Spider-Man with his tail and crushed both of the web-shooters with his bare hands. However, thanks to Captain Stacy's sacrifice, Spider-Man managed to defeat the Lizard and stop his plan.


Spider-Man swings through New York City once again.

Peter later reconstructed his web-shooters and used them to swing through New York City once again. The reconstructed versions didn’t have any paint, and so resembled what they had looked like when Peter had first built them, with black leather straps and silver colors.

Crime-fighting and redesign[]

"Down to one barely functioning web-shooter..."

-Spider-Man, after his fall into the centrifuge.

Spider-Man's web-shooter is destroyed.

A few months after the fight with the Lizard, Peter regularly used his web-shooters to apprehend and fight criminals, with support from the New York Police Department. With Spider-Man gaining attention from the media, Gwen Stacy suggested that he make a new costume and web-shooters; however, Peter didn’t see the need. One day, Spider-Man used the web-shooters to capture two criminals and learned of a robbery in an abandoned warehouse by the shipyard in Brooklyn. Intruiged, Spider-Man swung off to investigate. At the warehouse, he managed to capture two criminals before realizing he had walked into a trap. Spider-Man was then pinned down by two thugs, but used his web-shooters to spray webbing in their eyes and blind them, swinging up to the upper levels of the warehouse. Standing on some railings, Spider-Man noticed a centrifuge below him just as it turned on and a thug fired at him, making him lose his balance. Using his web-shooters, Spider-Man managed to stop his fall, hanging a few meters above the centrifuge. Spider-Man then used his web-shooter to fire at a thug, just as the thug fired at him. While he managed to stop the thug, the bullet shattered Spider-Man's web-shooter and the web he was dangling from, causing him to plummet into the centrifuge. Due to his increased metabolism, he managed to survive, though his costume was badly torn. Spider-Man then used his last, barely functioning web-shooter to apprehend the final thug as the police arrived to take them into custody. Peter then began designing a new costume and web-shooters, as Gwen had suggested.

Second Design[]

Spider-Man's new web-shooters.

Alongside a new suit, Peter constructed new and more sophisticated web-shooters. Unlike the originals, these new web-shooters were hexagonal in shape, bright red in color, and could shoot webbing from their sides, as well as from their front. These web-shooters only occasionally flashed red when firing. They ran on small batteries that could be switched at a moment's notice. The new web-shooters also notably used a different web fluid, which Peter made himself, so that he wouldn’t arouse suspicion. Peter incorporated these new web-shooters into his new suit, but continued to wear his original ones for inconspicuous needs.

Super Hero Weapons[]

Spider-Man swings through New York City to confront Alexei Sytsevich.

Two years later, Peter was still using the web-shooters for crime-fighting in New York. One day, Peter, as Spider-Man, used the web-shooters to swing through the city and confront a Russian mobster gang led by Alexei Sytsevich that were wreaking havoc and stealing radioactive substances from an Oscorp truck. Spider-Man swung towards the hijacked truck to confront Sytsevich personally, before swinging away to swiftly save Max Dillion and then continue his chase of the gang. Spider-Man soon webbed up two mobsters using his web-shooters, then swung right into Sytsevich's truck, webbing up most of the radioactive plutonium vials to a building as he pursued the last remaining vial, which had fallen out of the truck. Spider-Man swung into the street and retrieved the vial, before being hit by a police car and swinging back to the hijacked truck just as it hit a bus. Spider-Man used his web-shooters to attach the vial to a street lamp as he saved the bus. He then pursued Sytsevich again, using his web-shooters to web the mobster's arms to buildings and pull down his pants for fun. He then utilised his web-shooters to swing to Midtown High School for his graduation.

Friendly Neighbourhood Spider-Man[]

"You made this?"


"This is a WIND TURBINE. You made this?"


"No way. It's good as new, right?"

-Jorge and Spider-Man.

Spider-Man fixes Jorge's wind turbine.

Spider-Man used his web-shooters to swing through New York and look for crime he could combat, regardless of the scale of danger. He even used them to fix a school-kid, Jorges' hand made wind turbine. He later used them to save a woman from a speeding car, and apprehend a robber at a pharmacy.

Hiding the truth from Aunt May[]

Peter uses his web-shooter to grab his boot.

After helping to stop an apartment fire, Peter struggled to change out of his Spider-Man costume as his Aunt May requested for him to let her in. Peter accidentally undid the lock on his door when one of his costume's boots fell on the ground. As his aunt walked in, Peter used his web-shooter to grab his boot and hide it from her.

Encounter with Electro[]

Spider-Man is forced to use his one working web-shooter to multi-task.

When Max Dillion, transformed into Electro, began attacking a sniper who shot at him, Spider-Man fired a web at him, but Electro's electricty travelled down the web and destroyed the web-shooter. Spider-Man was forced to use his remaining web-shooter to save people, firing webbing from its sides and front to catch a car, and to move two people away from the electricity conductive railings. He then used his web-shooter to latch onto a fire hydrant and swing it towards Electro to incapitate him.

A bigger battery[]

Peter Parker begins testing his web-shooters.

Peter realized he needed to find a way to make his web-shooters electrically resistant. Testing them against his old web-shooters Peter experimented with various batteries of different sizes, but they all exploded when charged with large amounts of electricity. He later wore his old web-shooters as he slept.

Visit to Oscorp[]

When Harry Osborn called him the next day, Peter used his web-shooters to try and grab his phone; after accidentally latching onto a tool and whacking it against his forehead, Peter successfully grabbed the phone on his second attempt and picked up.

Peter wears his original web-shooters once more.


The Amazing Spider-Man (video game)[]

Spider-Man's web-shooters don’t light up and are only visible on his original suit.


  • Peter's original intent for the shooters' designs was different from what they look like now.


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