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Web Rush Flagpole

Web Rush is a unique feature never before introduced into a Spider-Man video game before this one.

The feature allows the player to, with the press of a button (RB for Xbox 360, R1 for PlayStation 3), create numerous acrobatical ways for Spider-Man to travel and fight.

Once the button is held, the player's view goes into first person mode, and all of Spider-Man's yellow silhouettes appear. This is when time slows and Spider-Man can choose any destination he can travel to with style. If the button is tapped, however, the area that the crosshair is covering is where Spider-Man speeds to, without the world slowing down. Also, the player doesn't go into first person mode when the button is only tapped.

This mechanic was improved upon in The Amazing Spider-Man 2.


Video showcasing said mechanic: