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Whitney Chang is Channel 3's top investigative reporter. She appears in the game The Amazing Spider-Man.


When she was a teenager growing up in Sunset Park, Brooklyn, Chang watched as a neighbor was wrongly accused of a crime and slandered on the news for days, before being murdered by an angry mob. She told herself she would dedicate her life to uncover the truth, no matter what the cost.

She had the smarts to graduate from Yale University, but Chang's striking good looks made it difficult to be treated seriously as a journalist. Taking fate into her own hands, she quit her job as host of a music video channel and snuck onboard a flight to Iraq, arriving just as American troops stormed Baghdad. Her insightful photographs shot under extremely dangerous conditions ensured that she wasn't going to be just another pretty face.

Now on the beat in New York, Chang is known for her willingness to put herself (and her cameraman) through great risk to get the story. Critics say she likes truth but prefers ratings, and the only thing story she's truly interested in is her rise to fame. It's true that Chang cannot decide if she wants to be Christiane Amanpour or Oprah, but she's capable of both.

Appearances in the game[]

Chang first appears from the news camera's point of view where she is reporting on the escaped Cross-Species known as Iguana and confirms that "The reptilian creature is different to the Lizard creature whom previously terrorized New York". It is then that the S-01 emerges out of the ground which causes a car to flip towards her and she is then saved by Spider-Man the two did not exchange words.

It was later when they were first properly introduced to each other during their encounter at the Oscorp Archives facility. which they had both infiltrated in the hopes of finding Curt Connors' cross-species research. There, the two forged a tenuous alliance, and Chang soon asked the web-slinger to take on a freelance photography job taking pictures throughout the city, to which he replied, "Fine."

It is from then on in the game that you can takes pictures of villains, spider logos, Oscorp logos and photo missions around the city and throughout the levels.