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"Strange, don’t cast that spell. It’s too dangerous."
―Wong to Doctor Strange[src]

Wong (Mandarin: ) is the current Sorcerer Supreme of the Masters of the Mystic Arts and a friend of Doctor Strange.


Trained Sorcerer[]

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Master of the Mystic Arts Leader[]

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Fighting an Alternate Thanos[]

Full Moon Party in Kamar-Taj[]

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Visited by Peter Parker[]

"Hasn't he been through enough?"
"...Just leave me out of this."
Doctor Strange and Wong[src]

The Rotunda of Gateways opened up to Siberia and a blizzard came through into the New York Sanctum, covering it in snow and ice. To handle this, Wong hired a young woman and man to shovel out the snow and he and Doctor Strange had to wear winter jackets inside. In November, Wong appeared in the Sanctum's foyer via Inter-Dimensional Portal and found Peter Parker inside. He greeted Parker, addressing how Parker was now the most famous person in the world as his identity had been revealed to the public.

Peter and strange

Wong and Doctor Strange talk to Peter

When Parker asked if they were having a holiday party, Wong told him what had happened in the Sanctum. Strange then arrived and levitated down to stand beside Wong. When Parker became confused after hearing Strange was not Sorcerer Supreme, Strange told him that Wong now held the title due to Strange having blipped. He then walked off to collect his luggage leaving Strange and Parker to talk.

Wong overheard Parker asking Strange to help reverse what Mysterio had done by revealing his identity and when Strange proposed a spell he could do, Wong advised against it. He stated it was too dangerous, although Strange reminded him that they had done the spell before in Kamar-Taj. Wong forgot this and reluctantly agreed, trusting Strange's judgment before walking back through another portal to head to Kamar-Taj. [1]

Peter Parker Forgotten[]

In attempt to fix the damages of the Multiverse at Liberty Island, Strange had to recast a new spell, resulting everyone, including Wong to forget the existence of Peter Parker.


"...Just leave me out of this."

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  • Thanos




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